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Month: October 2016

NYFF Film Review: Patterson

Kylo Ren himself, Adam Driver, plays the titular Patterson, about a guy who lives in the city in New Jersey of the same day. The film, another selection by the discerning committee of the New York Film Festival, achieves what few films strive for, let alone accomplish: to be about a lot of things without being about a whole hell of a lot. We follow Patterson, a benign and tender bus driver for NJ Transit, throughout an entire week of his life. He wakes up thanks to an internal alarm clock that goes off more or less precisely—regardless of...

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NYFF Film Review: ELLE

Dutch director Paul Verhoeven is no stranger to disturbing sexual thrillers. You may have heard of some of his screen credits: Basic Instinct and Showgirls. He’s also well versed in the sci-fi genre you probably also remember: RoboCop and Total Recall. In his latest film, Elle, which screened at the New York Film Festival, he meshes these two genres to eye-popping results. The movie is not at all science fiction—it is strictly speaking a dramatic piece—but you still wont’ believe your eyes. And if people call it a masterpiece it’s perhaps because it is unique in its disturbing mettle,...

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