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Month: December 2017

OCEAN’S 8 Teaser Trailer Released

Splashers, tomorrow you will be “treated” to a full-length trailer for Ocean’s 8. I cannot tell you how against this I am, despite being a huge fan of a lot of the women in this movie. Has the world learned nothing from Ghostbusters? Instead of all-female reboots, just create a great new story for women like Bridesmaids. But, to get the hype going, Warner Bros. was kind enough to give us this 15 second teaser that is… it’s 15 seconds. Here you go: Well, we’ll see what tomorrow brings....

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Stan Lee’s Thoughts On Disney/Fox Deal

Splashers, we made it. A day after the deal where Disney purchased a large amount of Fox. Have you cried? Have you told all of your friends the endless possibilities for film franchises? Everything can be one! Dr. Doom can stand across from Captain America and the Avengers. Wolverine can be cast as someone who looks the part, then face off with the Avengers alongside the X-Men. Then, we’ll see characters like Deadpool and Spider-man in the same scene. Ryan Reynolds fans can rejoice! Put your shirts back on Reynolds fans! They are so quick to strip. In all...

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James Wan: Three AQUAMAN Villains Rumors “Ridiculous”

Reacting to fan rumors that there could be three Aquaman villains in the upcoming origin movie, director James Wan told EW that the idea was “ridiculous.” Specifically, he said: “This is what I’ll say: I don’t have three villains,” Wan said to EW. “I think that’s ridiculous! I would never go into an origin movie with three villains. We don’t even know the main character let alone the world and its antagonist. I believe in taking baby steps.” Fans had been discussing online the possibilities of having Patrick Wilson as Aquaman’s half-brother Orm (a.k.a. the Ocean Master), Abdul-Mateen as Black...

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Disney-Fox Merger: What It May Mean for MARVEL and Other Mouse Properties

It’s merger time in corporate America folks, and the entertainment business is no exception. Now, the Walt Disney Co., already a behemoth in entertainment that, when it comes to use cinephiles at least, already controls our lives and what we enjoy from Star Wars to Marvel to Pixar, is about to get a lot larger. And I mean Cable-size, if you get my drift. After a few days of negotiations, a buyout/merger for most of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment arms was announced. The deal is not really a merger, but an asset for stock acquisition where Disney will tender...

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JUMANJI Review: Sequel Gets Lost In Its Own Jungle

Maybe I was a silly young teenager, or maybe there was something to it, but the 1995 Jumanji had a small heart to go along with its rhino-sized adventure. Call it the sentimentality that Robin Williams always evoked in his comedies (Mrs. Doubtfire comes to mind). Or note the fact that the story had a deeper arch about the relationship between a young boy and his frustrated father, whose expectations he could never meet. All of that is gone from the locked and reloaded sequel, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Instead of heart we have biceps, and instead of...

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