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Month: January 2018

Black, Female BOND On The Way?

James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli was asked point blank if a black and/or female Bond could be in the cards after the upcoming departure or star Daniel Craig. Her answer: “These films tend to reflect the times so we always try to push the envelope a little bit. Anything is possible. Right now it’s Daniel Craig, and I’m very happy with Daniel Craig, but who knows what the future will bring?” It’s a pretty big fat “who knows” but when has that ever stopped the Internet? Particularly given that these character changes have created so much controversy (think Black Hermione...

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Christian Bale Has Not Watched Ben Affleck’s Batman Films: Why Does it Matter?

Since Christian Bale made headlines with his comments that he has not seen Ben Affleck’s Batman films, the entertainment and online media have jumped all over it. They are making it out to be something important and that should be an indicator to you of how the DC Cinematic Universe is doing. Why would Christian Bale, a former Batman, not see the latest incarnation of the character he previously played? It seems to be something the entertainment world thinks is important enough to write about, so they pushed this out as quick as possible. Bale portrayed Bruce Wayne/Batman in...

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Trailer for TRUTH OR DARE Thriller Is Here

The studio behind successful supernatural thrillers from Happy Death Day, to Get Out, and Split, has released the trailer for its next offering, the thriller Truth or Dare. The movie, set to be released in April of this year, is described as follows: “A harmless game of Truth or Dare among friends turns deadly when someone-or something-begins to punish those who tell a lie-or refuse the dare.” Truth or Dare will star Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf). It is directed by Kick Ass 2’s Jeff Wadlow, and is being distributed by NBC Universal. In...

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Netflix Confirms BRIGHT Sequel!!

Despite receiving mostly negative critical reviews, Netflix today announced it had green-lit a Bright sequel. The first movie, released late last year on December 22, 2017, starred Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, was not well-received by critics. However, as Netflix points out, it became the most-popular Netflix original offering in the platform’s history. As per the official statement, “Bright is the highest viewed Netflix film ever on the service in its first week of release and one of the biggest originals (including sequels/additional seasons) Netflix has ever launched.” Netflix also said that “Bright is the #1 movie on Netflix...

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New DEATH WISH Trailer Released

Splashites, Death Wish has been flying under a lot of people’s radars, but it’s a remake that we should be excited about. Well, a lot of that excitement may depend on how you feel about Eli Roth’s films. He’s made some films that people liked, and he’s made some films that were Knock, Knock.   Let’s look at the synopsis: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures presents director Eli Roth’s reimagining of the 1974 revenge thriller Death Wish. Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) is a surgeon who only sees the aftermath of his city’s violence when it is rushed into his ER – until...

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