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Month: February 2018

FILM REVIEW: GAME NIGHT Is an Amusing Contest Where Nobody Wins or Loses

At some point in the not-really-trying comedy Game Night, the lead couple, Annie and Max, are performing open-wound surgery on Max’s left arm using only items purchased at a local convenience store, when the two begin gagging in perfectly-timed comedic unison at the sight of their gruesome endeavor. The scene is a clever, self-effacing review of the film itself. Simultaneously ridiculous and hilarious, equally eye-roll worthy as it is entertaining. Annie and Max (played by the pretty funny Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman) are a middle-aged, middle-class couple with middling talents and problems. They are very competitive and good...

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BLACK PANTHER Continues Torrid Box Office Pace With Record Tuesday

After a record-shattering opening frame, and after setting the second-best four day opening weekend with $242 million, Marvel’s Black Panther has set more milestones, this time with a record Tuesday at the box office, the most for a pre-summer Tuesday, at $21.07 million. That is just behind what The Force Awakens did for its own record Tuesday, December 22, 2015, $37.3 million. That means that in just five days, Black Panther has made over $263 million at the North American box office, and should cross the $300 million figure by Friday, its eighth day of release. Only The Force...

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Ryan Coogler Reveals Alternate Ending For BLACK PANTHER *Spoiler Alert*

Splashers, have we all seen the masterpiece that is Marvel’s Black Panther? If you looked down and thought “Sigh, I was busy”, shame on you. But, this isn’t a total shame fest, we’re here to discuss an alternate ending for Black Panther. Recently, director Ryan Coogler sat down with The Empire Film Podcast and shared some interesting details regarding his record-breaking triumph. Seriously, who didn’t see it? Point them out! Back to this alternate ending, apparently, everybody who saw the movie has already seen the scene! “It was [almost the ending]. We played with a lot of different ways...

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Netflix Releases Teasers for Upcoming LOST IN SPACE New Series

Netflix’s ever-growing library of original content has an oldie but goodie to count among the collection, a remake of the classic 1960s television series (and later not so popular movie) Lost in Space. And this one does not come without a cute gimmick, with the company announcing the date for the “Earth” release after showing it to astronauts in space. From Netflix: “While this is the first look at Netflix’s epic and modern reimagining of the classic 1960’s science fiction series here on Earth, Lost in Space has already been made available for viewing in space. Netflix provided NASA...

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Warner Continues DC Reshuffling by Hiring Chantal Nong

Warner Bros.’ New Line division has done very well, consider for example the very successful Conjuring series and all spinoffs. Whereas its DC line has done…not as well. And not when you compare it, as I’m sure seething with jealous WB execs do, to what has been going on with Marvel and Disney. The top honchos are hoping this changes by bringing in some behind the scenes talent from its more successful arms into the DC Universe fold, most lately Chantal Nong from New Line. EW recently reported the exclusive, the executive that has previously worked on projects like...

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