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Where do The X-Men go Now After Disney-Fox Merger?

The X-Men characters were one of the first successful properties that Marvel ever had adapted to the screen. The legacy of the characters started on film back in 2000 with the release of the first film, X-Men starring Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. Since then, the franchise has expanded into nine additional films with three more set for release within 2018 and one for 2019. Suffice it to say, the franchise has seen periods of rejuvenation with 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and 2016’s Deadpool. While some of the films such as 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand and...

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Stan Lee’s Thoughts On Disney/Fox Deal

Splashers, we made it. A day after the deal where Disney purchased a large amount of Fox. Have you cried? Have you told all of your friends the endless possibilities for film franchises? Everything can be one! Dr. Doom can stand across from Captain America and the Avengers. Wolverine can be cast as someone who looks the part, then face off with the Avengers alongside the X-Men. Then, we’ll see characters like Deadpool and Spider-man in the same scene. Ryan Reynolds fans can rejoice! Put your shirts back on Reynolds fans! They are so quick to strip. In all...

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Disney-Fox Merger: What It May Mean for MARVEL and Other Mouse Properties

It’s merger time in corporate America folks, and the entertainment business is no exception. Now, the Walt Disney Co., already a behemoth in entertainment that, when it comes to use cinephiles at least, already controls our lives and what we enjoy from Star Wars to Marvel to Pixar, is about to get a lot larger. And I mean Cable-size, if you get my drift. After a few days of negotiations, a buyout/merger for most of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment arms was announced. The deal is not really a merger, but an asset for stock acquisition where Disney will tender...

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FILM REVIEW: Israel’s Oscar Submission FOXTROT Deals With Senseless Death

Death, meaningless and stupidly unnecessary death, is the theme that binds together the three acts of the Israeli movie Foxtrot. A leading contender to receive top honors in the Foreign Language Film Oscar race later this award season, the story follows a family that in the opening sequences receives tragic news about their son in the army. But there is more to the film than initially meets the eye, an exacting and hopeless study of the banality and meaningless of life and death. In the opening act, Israeli army soldiers come to deliver with transactional precision the devastating news....

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OMG 21st Century Fox In Talks To Sell Most Of Company To Disney

NERDS! Forgive my excitement but check out this breaking news that just might change the future of comic book properties. 21st Century Fox, you know, the ones who make X-Men and Fantastic Four films, are in talks to sell most of the company to Disney. High five someone nearby, you deserve it. BREAKING: 21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell most of the company to Disney, sources say. — CNBC (@CNBC) November 6, 2017 Okay, now before you go fainting, this isn’t a done deal yet. The talks have taken place over the last few weeks...

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