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Christian Bale Has Not Watched Ben Affleck’s Batman Films: Why Does it Matter?

Since Christian Bale made headlines with his comments that he has not seen Ben Affleck’s Batman films, the entertainment and online media have jumped all over it. They are making it out to be something important and that should be an indicator to you of how the DC Cinematic Universe is doing. Why would Christian Bale, a former Batman, not see the latest incarnation of the character he previously played? It seems to be something the entertainment world thinks is important enough to write about, so they pushed this out as quick as possible. Bale portrayed Bruce Wayne/Batman in...

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The Overarching Alcoholism of Ben Affleck and The DC Cinematic Universe Batman

Ben Affleck has been receiving positive reviews since he began his stint as The Caped Crusader in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film itself opened up a number of possibilities not only for the actor but for the studio. While the film received a divided response from both critics and audiences, the one thing that did not was Affleck. His character not only was well-written but he brought a reality and dynamism to the character. There may be a reason for that. Throughout the film, Affleck is seen either finishing off a wine bottle in his...

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Does it Help to Continuously Ask Whether Ben Affleck Will Return or Not?

It’s an honest question really. Most people wonder whether he will return to the character in either another Justice League film or the solo Batman films from Matt Reeves. It boggles the mind of some why Affleck would not commit to another film. For others, it makes them think he is just negotiating for a pay raise for another appearance. He has made several contradictory statements that have been confusing and not very clear. Affleck’s latest comments come from a USA Today article, where the actor was direct about his feelings on his future tenure as the character. “You...

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Ben Affleck Says JUSTICE LEAGUE Holds Surprises

Splasherians, if there’s one thing we can say about Warner Bros. it’s that the marketing strategy for Justice League is very different than when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was being promoted. Having seen the film, I think we can all agree Doomsday should not have been seen in any of the marketing. They probably should’ve saved Wonder Woman for the moviegoers as well. How much of a surprise would it have been if she showed up in gear for the final fight? We’ll never know. Thanks Warner Bros. Now, I’m not a fan of the fact that...

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JUSTICE LEAGUE Could Be Ben Affleck’s Last Knight

Here we are on the cusp of the final sprint to the finish line for superhero films. The movie world and comic book fans world wide are excited to see the end results of the battle between Thor: Ragnarok ,which came to the screen last Friday, and the soon to be released Justice League, which has gotten some quiet nods of approval from critics. Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on, both of these films will have lines waiting in excitement. Yet, the cloud of uncertainty has not left the DCEU as just weeks before the release...

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