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JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Needs A Story: Why Doug Liman Left

Justice League Dark has been a tease. First DC Animation releases a great animated version of the more supernatural and magic inclined heroes of the Justice League and then we get some whispering news of this team coming to the big screen. But, just as soon as we can get excited the director, Doug Liman, removes himself from the pre-production, putting the prospect of making the film back into choppy waters. CinemaBlend had a chance to speak with Doug Liman about his decision to leave in the development stages, giving us some perspective into Liman’s thinking. Doug Liman had...

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JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Staying Afloat As Doug Liman Leaves Project

Justice League Dark came to the smaller screens of televisions everywhere earlier this year bringing to animated life the darker side heroes of the DC Universe. It was a great introduction for many who are not familiar with Zatanna, Deadman, or Etrigan the Demon while giving fans of the classic Swamp Thing film a gentle nod. Well, it was recently reported that Dark Universe, the name of the Justice League Dark movie, would be getting its own film with said stars to headline their first showing on movie screens but it was already in peril as reports came out...

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Director Doug Liman Speaks On JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Development

Splashigans! The DCEU has been far from a shining star in the eyes of many audiences. But, there may still be a reason to look forward to their upcoming slate of films: Justice League Dark. Yes, the superhero team-up that Guillermo Del Toro championed for years. Filmmaker Doug Liman became attached to direct last August and while discussing his new film The Wall, dropped some insight. “Yeah. I have a really amazing take on it, that is in keeping with my approach to superheroes. Jason Bourne is a superhero, of sorts. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena, in The Wall,...

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Doug Liman Explains Why He Won’t Direct The GAMBIT Movie

I’ve honestly been waiting for a Gambit movie my entire life. He is by far my favorite member of the X-Men. He blows shit up with the touch of his hand. How can you get more rad than that? Runnin’ around all tough with a trench coat, bow staff and a deck of cards. You can’t really beat that. C’mon…a freakin’ deck of cards! Getting Channing Tatum to play the popular hero was a key victory which I fully endorse…but where’s my damn movie FOX?! Director Doug Liman recently explained why he left the slow-developing X-Men spinoff Gambit. A longtime X-Men...

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Daisy Ridley: Done With STAR WARS After EPISODE IX?

With just about two weeks before the two year hiatus gives way to the release of Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, publicity is picking up the pace. Rolling Stone just did a long piece and, in it, we found out about star Daisy Ridley’s hope for her cinematic future. Asked whether she would like to play the role of Rey (whose lineage I bet we find out in two weeks), Ridley flatly said “no.” She then elaborated: “For me, I didn’t really know what I was signing on to. I hadn’t read the script, but from what...

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