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Jared Leto Confirms THE JOKER Films

Splashers, DC has managed to put the spotlight on themselves pretty well. You’ve heard that no press is bad press, well that seems to be the motto for the DCEU and whatever we’re supposed to call the offshoot they’re starting. It’s like a quiet restaurant where there is a great commotion going on in the kitchen and the chef keep saying “everything is cool.” It was rumored that Jared Leto was quite upset when the news broke that there would be a Joker origin film was being planned without him. When caught up with at a launch event for...

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Jared Leto Attached To TRON Reboot

Remakes would appear to be all the rage in Hollywood. Sometimes a bad idea, but more often than not, a good idea. Just look at the Planet Of The Apes movies. When you take these fan favourites and give them a 21st century makeover, it can turn out to be better than the originals. With that being said, the cult classic Tron could be getting said makeover treatment. The Jeff Bridges hit is being eyed for a remake, possibly starring Oscar winner Jared Leto. The sequel to the 80’s masterpiece, 2010’s Tron Legacy, was more of a commercial success...

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Is Jared Leto Still The Joker? Teasing Batman Fans

If you ever read Alan Moore’s Batman classic The Killing Joke, The Joker once said: Madness is the emergency exit… Luckily for Jared Leto, it looks like Suicide Squad won’t be his exit as the Clown Prince Of Crime. — JARED LETO (@JaredLeto) January 19, 2017 // Very interesting choice of photo btw. The cover of The Killing Joke. Hmmm…  What can that mean? Does this tweet mean he’s starting to get ready to be in Ben Affleck’s The Batman? Is this an unofficial but official casting announcement? The stories we’ve been reporting recently have all been about how the...

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Why Didn’t People Like BLADE RUNNER 2049?

For many fans of the original movie, it’s come across as a bit of a surprise. Most people do not understand why Blade Runner 2049 only made $32,753,122 during its open weekend domestically. Even with the additional $49,233,908 made internationally, adding up to a total $81,987,030 globally for the film’s opening weekend, the film failed to make back its budget of $150 million. It’s a strange thing to think that the film, which currently boasts an 88 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, would not resonate with audiences given its cast including Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Jared Leto. The...

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FILM REVIEW: BLADE RUNNER 2049 Visualizes Nostalgia and Anxiety

Could it be that we have turned the corner from the anxiety about technology that defined the 1980s, to completely longing for that time gone by? Could it be that in worrying so much about the future and what bleakness it may bring, as seen through the Terminators, the Total Recalls, the Blade Runners of the world, we forgot to live the present, giving way to a gaggle of reboots and revisits from the Reagan era? The long-awaited arrival of Blade Runner: 2049 suggests that this may be so. And though the movie mostly delivers on the promise of...

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