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Jason Momoa Confirms Aquaman Saved Superman In MAN OF STEEL

Splashtonians, oh, that’s a good one. Well, it’s November 15th and we are just two days away from Justice League opening nationwide. Let’s pretend you haven’t read any of those scathing reviews that came out today. Woo! And, they ARE something. Mostly bad, but what did we really expect? I will say that a friend of mine saw it last night and said it was very enjoyable. So, the score is 1-42 in favor of it being pure @#!$. But, we’ll have time to get to that after yours truly has given it an hour and 59 minutes of...

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Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman Was Changed After BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

DC Universe’s Batman v. Superman was a critical and audience flop, as we all know, and the consequences of those failures are still rippling through today across that film series. We have heard a lot about the different potential Batman storylines were changed, for example, and it should come as no surprise that the about faces would affect the other important Warner Bros. property, Wonder Woman. Now, in statements made during the kick-off of the promotional tour for the Justice League release, which began in Beijing this week, Wonder Woman herself (Gal Gadot) revealed what was maybe obvious to the casual observer...

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JUSTICE LEAGUE’s Promotional Poster Features Superman

Splasheens, finally we’re close enough to Justice League (November 17th) that we’ve got a promotional image with Superman. As nice as it would be to have him remain a secret until the film releases, “C’mon.” We know Superman is the glue that keeps the Justice League together, as well as victorious. It’s always nice to have the strongest alien around behind you. Especially if you’re billionaire Bruce Wayne and standing in front of space titans with super strength. Not only does the team all get to strike nice poses (despite Aquaman looking like Charles Manson) but they look like...

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Zack Snyder Shares New Knightmare Image From BATMAN V SUPERMAN

Splashers, as much as I hate to remind you all of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder still remembers. And, apparently has fond memories of shooting the film. I guess the devil truly is in the details. But, having said that, it does seem like they enjoyed themselves while shooting. Check out the grins in this picture taken while shooting the Knightmare scene. Snyder shared this photo on mobile social network Vero: Yuck! Sorry, the picture is fine, I just remembered how much I didn’t enjoy that film. Look how jacked the CEO of Vero is. Ben...

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Warner Bros. Shopping SUPERMAN Live Action Film Based on RED SON Comic Books

It all started with a tweet. And it usually does these days, doesn’t it? But this time it wasn’t the Commander-in-Chief who sent the Internet aflutter, but comic book writer Mark Millar and Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts who, after an exchange about upcoming projects, fueled speculation that an adaptation of the Superman comic series known as Red Son could be in the works. This is the infamous exchange between the two: This thread is giving me tangential pangs of what-could-have-been for the version of Red Son I pitched that will sadly never get made. Oy. — Jordan...

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