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A Note On Snyder’s Loss, Our Story, And Those JUSTICE LEAGUE Reshoots

A Note On Snyder’s Loss, Our Story, And Those JUSTICE LEAGUE Reshoots

My thoughts and prayers, along with those of everyone here at The Splash Report, go out to Zack Snyder and his family. On Tuesday evening, the tragic news broke that a couple of months ago the director’s daughter committed suicide. The family had kept that heartbreaking loss a private matter up until then, and now that the fallout of the tragedy had led Snyder to bow out of the remainder of Justice League‘s post-production and hand the reins over to Joss Whedon (The Avengers), the time was right to share this news with the world.

As a father, and just as a human, I cannot fathom this loss and the mere thought of it is one I can’t bear to let inhabit my mind for more than a second at a time.

Anyone out there making light of this situation needs to seriously look inward at how they’re spending their time, and at what they’re doing with their lives that they could so easily go there. I’ve had folks reach out with really horrendous “jokes” they think I’ll find funny because of what a vocal critic of Snyder I’ve been over the years. Truly shameful.

While it’s hard to navigate through this story because of how real it’s gotten, and how Snyder’s personal stakes completely eclipse the importance of making a movie about a bunch of people running around in tights, there is a bit of analysis I’d like to lay on you here.

Last week, I shared some insider information with you; Information that would end up going viral and getting quite a passionate response. It had to do with Justice League, the upcoming DC tentpole coming from Warner Bros. In that story, I let you all in on the behind-the-scenes situation for the DCEU epic that would finally bring Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Superman to the big screen together for the first time. A Splash Report source with intimate knowledge of the situation had informed us that- similar to what went on with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story last year- Justice League was getting a major facelift in post-production.

You may recall that after I broke the story that Rogue One was going to be majorly re-shot, we would go on to get confirmation that these were not your average reshoots, but rather that another writer and director had been brought in to overhaul a huge portion of what would be the final cut of the Star Wars spinoff.

The source for that story is actually the very same one who came to us with this information about Justice League.

As a follow-up to that piece, I offered a more in-depth explanation of what my source meant by the film having been “remade twice” on the El Fanboy Podcast. I did that because I feared people were taking what I wrote far more literally than I had intended, and that’s probably my fault. I realize that not all of you have time to listen to a podcast, so allow me to reiterate here what I said there and how it all pertains to today’s news about what’s happening with Justice League post-Snyder.

What we meant by Justice League being remade a couple of times is that the film has had a couple of distinct facelifts since entering production. In essence, there’ve been three versions of the movie:

1. Justice League A:

As in, the original movie Warner Bros. and Snyder were planning on making before they realized how Batman v Superman was going to be received.

2. Justice League A1:

A slightly retooled version of that movie, with a script and tone that was tweaked in the interim between the final theatrical cut of Batman v Superman being created and Justice League beginning filming. This version of the film would get more on-the-spot tweaks throughout the six months of principal photography.

3. Justice League B:

When the team re-convenes this summer, under the direction of Joss Whedon, they’ll be attempting a more dramatic facelift because Justice League A1 isn’t getting the best internal response and the studio needs this thing to hit- and hit big. Whedon has been writing the new material for some time now.


Now, while many folks have tried their darndest to “debunk” our story, there is no refuting that a good amount of that is just studio spin. While studio insiders, and even producer Charles Roven himself, have gone out of their way to downplay the work that’s still to come the simple fact remains: You don’t bring in a writer-director of Whedon’s stature for run-of-the-mill pickups.

They’ve got Whedon, who directed two movies that made Marvel Studios $2.9 billion and likely doesn’t come cheap, and they’ve got several major players involved as well. By Roven’s own admission, the additional work is going to require everyone from Henry Cavill (Superman) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman), right on down to supporting player Amy Adams (Lois Lane).

We fully expect more slow drips of intel to come out of the production in months to come, just like what happened with Rogue One as the studio tried to downplay the scope of what was being worked on until the cat was finally out of the bag. And that’s fine. Rogue One turned out pretty damn good, and we’re hoping Justice League ends up being an all-time classic.

We wish Whedon well, and our thoughts are with Snyder during this unfathomably tragic time. Now is a time for love, compassion, unity, and community.

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