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What is The Actual Plot of THE BATMAN Now?

What is The Actual Plot of THE BATMAN Now?

One of the biggest questions on the minds of fans is what exactly is going on with The Batman starring Ben Affleck. As of this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Affleck has reassured fans that he will not be leaving the character anytime soon. However, there has been a lot of uncertainty surrounding that due to previous reports from The Hollywood Reporter and numerous other outlets saying that Warner Bros is seeking to usher Affleck out gracefully. One cannot take Affleck at his word either because he said he was sticking with directing The Batman only a little while before he decided to opt out of the director’s chair. It seems an overall strange situation at best with Matt Reeves, director of the recent Planet of The Apes movies, coming on board with a completely different gameplan.

The events as of late seem to have angered Joe Manganiello, who had been cast as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. Little details of the film were known but Batman would be facing off against him. Affleck, at one point, even showed test footage of the character in order to display how good Manganiello was in the role. This not only displayed the genius of his casting but excited fans and got them pumped for Batman. Our favorite caped crusader would not just be taking on the mafia or drug dealers, he would be fighting someone who was his equal in every way. He would not be seeking to redeem someone by maybe helping to find them a substance abuse treatment in Texas. While there are many villains or anti-heroes who can fit that bill, Wilson would have been an interesting choice for other reasons too.

With word of a Nightwing movie coming, it could have been a great plot point that tied the two together. You could have introduced Dick Grayson/Nightwing in The Batman and showed the antagonistic relationship he developed with Wilson from his Teen Titans days. It’s particularly notable these two characters do not get along and really never have. In some ways, Wilson is more of an antagonist for Nightwing and The Teen Titans. Yet, he has faced off against Batman several times and every new story has proven to be fun to watch unfold. With Affleck’s story, alongside Chris Terrio and Geoff Johns, his co-writers, what is not clear is where exactly they go from here.

Reeves, the new director, has stated that they were starting fresh and he was excited about it. That means they would be not only probably getting rid of any Deathstroke storyline but also the potential for a Jason Todd/Red Hood storyline that was implied in both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. It’s somewhat saddening to see the death of what could have been. Batman could be trying to help those he cares about on a more personal level, leading to a very interesting and multi-faceted fight. However, that could still happen. We know that Reeves is interested in a more noirish detective story.

For the Batman film franchise, this would mark a big departure from previous films. Before, the films have seen Batman going up against his villains in grand fashion. The storylines always centered on gigantic, epic-scale battles that redefined the fate of Gotham. However, this does not seem to be what Reeves is going for. He may take a smaller scale approach to Batman. There have been stories that see Batman doing more detective work as if it’s a Sherlock Holmes story. Potentially, this could be exactly what Reeves is looking to do.

It would be interesting to see Reeves take on a story like Batman: The Long Halloween or Batman: Hush, which both serve as gigantic detective stories involving all of his villains. You could involve one piece, for example, of Roman Sionis/Black Mask in the drug trade with that of Waylon Jones/Killer Croc. In Batman: Hush, Croc was exposed to a drug that was causing his disease that causes his skin to be more similar to that of a crocodile to become much worse. It gave depth to his character and created sympathy for him. What was interesting about that was it seemed like a small minor happening but was connected to a greater mystery and overall story that Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee were telling.

You could add more as a filmmaker to that story, potentially including Black Mask. It may give a greater degree of understanding to the events. You might even see Batman helping Croc find a substance abuse treatment in Texas. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of potential should Reeves decide to go this path. In fact, it’d be a great one of originality. In the case of Croc, it would be great to see how sympathetic and empathetic Batman is to some of his villains. This was only really displayed during Batman and Robin with Batman’s relationship with Dr. Victor Fries/Mister Freeze. You could argue the same was shown with Two-Face in both Batman Forever and The Dark Knight but both films were a tad more antagonistic in nature than the outing against Mister Freeze.

Whatever direction the Batman franchise goes next, we are hopeful it might be one that serves the character well. It’s always fun to see a movie that pits a character against a villain but solving a mystery that takes up an entire movie involving interactions with different villains seems to be something that could be particularly potent. We’ll just have to wait and see what Reeves has up his sleeve.

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