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Author: Aaron Speight

Doctor Strange Checks In To AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Doctor? Is there a Doctor Strange in the house?? If you were on the set of Avengers: Infinity War, then the answer would be yes. Jay Funk, who serves as Benedict Cumberbatch’s movement coach, has confirmed as much when he posted on Twitter “the Doctor is in”. A stand in actor has been filming scene’s in Cumberbatch’s absence, but he and Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) are finally on set to film their parts for the movie. Headed back to Atlanta to work on that one movie or whatever. — JayFunk (@JayFunk_JD) June 13, 2017 #DoctorStrange reunion on set today....

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Danny Elfman To Take Over JUSTICE LEAGUE Score

Danny Elfman is set to hand out some musical justice. With Zack Snyder having left the Justice League movie due to family matters, Joss Whedon has stepped in to take over directing duties and with him come Elfman. Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, who was the man behind the music for Snyder, has also left the project and will now reportedly move on to the Tomb Raider movie. Tom, who also worked on Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, said on Twitter “As my mentor Hans Zimmer told me — you haven’t made it in Hollywood as a composer until...

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Chris Evans Discusses The End Of His Captain America

How many actor’s do you know that would wish for the end of their franchise? Chris Evans was in that jovial mode during a recent interview with The Telegraph discussion his new movie, Gifted. He explains his initial hesitance taking on the Captain America role and subsequently being tied down for 6 movies. “One of my biggest fears was that the movies were going to be good,” he says, “Because if things worked out, I’d have to do all six of them. And at the time, that was the most terrifying aspect of it. That it was going to...

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HOT FUZZ 2: “Never Say Never” Says Edgar Wright

You never took a shortcut before?? Edgar Wright‘s cornetto trilogy are cult classics to this day. One of the favourites, Hot Fuzz, is regarded as one of the best even now, ten years after its release. During promotion for his new film, Baby Driver, comedy/action director Wright was quizzed by MovieWeb on whether he would ever consider doing a sequel. Here’s what he had to say: “I’ve definitely had some ideas and me and Simon have even talked about it at points, but it’s that thing of, do I want to spend three years of my life doing that? Or...

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Patty Jenkins Not Yet Signed On For WONDER WOMAN Sequel

I recently posted on the success of Wonder Woman and the sequel it is bound to get as a result. Director Patty Jenkins spoke of her excitement and plans regarding said sequel. It would appear, though, that Jenkins had only signed on for one movie, while star Gal Gadot has an option for the sequel in her overall deal for DC movie appearances. This being the case, Patty and her reps could bargain for a higher salary to return. With Wonder Woman raking in over $100 million so far, she would certainly be worth it. Warner Bros. are very...

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