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Author: Jean-François Allaire

Exclusive: Here Is What We Know About Dwayne Johnson’s RAMPAGE Video Game Movie

Does anyone remember the Rampage video game? I’m a 90’s kid and grew up with Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Q*Bert in my early childhood. It sounds a bit weird that they’re making a movie out of a mostly forgotten 80’s arcade game. Film adaptations of video games have an atrocious track record. Most recently Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed both badly disappointed at the box-office. Those films were based on HUGELY popular game franchises. What would push New-Line/Warner Brothers to finance such a risky endeavor? They own the Midway games catalog, so it’s in their best interest to make it...

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Exclusive: TOMB RAIDER Story Details

Alicia Vikander is one of the most exciting young actress working today. After winning an Oscar for her incredible performance in The Danish Girl , she’s been courted to play in high profile projects. She’s been selected to reboot the Tomb Raider franchise and play the iconic role of Lara Croft. The role was famously played in the early 21st Century by Angelina Jolie in two movies. In an era of name recognition, studios are desperately trying to revive any potential franchises. Roar Uthaug, the Norwegian director of The Wave, is helming the project from a script by new writer...

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Exclusive Hot Rumor: ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Remake Details

It was recently announced that Robert Rodriguez will be directing the reboot of Escape From New York for 20th Century Fox. Apparently, he did such a great job helming Alita: Battle Angel that they offered him this project as his next gig. Neil Cross (the creator of Luther) wrote the screenplay. I received a hot tip from one of my sources concerning the Escape From New York project: “Here are some details about the story: In the not so distant future, the world is in serious trouble. Climate change has pushed migrants all across the world. Rioting and wars...

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Exclusive: JUMANJI Story Details

NOT YOUR TYPICAL BOARD GAME Remember the 90’s? I was a teenager when the original Jumanji came out in 1995. I saw it a drive-thru theater during a Christmas vacation in South Florida. It was the late Robin Williams’ first commercial film after Mrs. Doubtfire, so the hype surrounding it was pretty big. I barely remember the movie at all. It had to do a with a jungle adventure board game coming to life. Somehow Robin’s character had been stuck in the Jumanji world since the late 60’s. This new project is a reimagining of the original film and...

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Growing up, I had three favorite authors: Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton and John Grisham. I’ve been fascinated by Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan character ever since I started reading novels in elementary school. At thirteen, I forced my father to bring me to see Patriot Games in theaters. The big screen adaptations of the Clancy books have been pretty good. 2014’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was okay but felt more like a Mission Impossible knockoff. It was missing the global political aspects of previous Jack Ryan adaptations. Even after lackluster numbers at the box office, the property was not dead...

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