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Author: J. Don Birnam

FILM REVIEW: BLACK PANTHER, A Comic Book Movie With Complex Themes and Vibrant Characters

Wakanda has a new king and the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have a new ruler as well. The 18th film in the MCU’s bulging portfolio, Black Panther, hits theaters this weekend. And as T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) takes the throne, a refreshing new style of deeper, more challenging superhero movie (augured by Fruitvale Station auteur Ryan Coogler) may be taking over the silver screen. Or so one hopes. While Black Panther does not completely shed the chains of story fatigue which bind it to its brethren, it does feature the most sterling cast the Marvel world has seen in a...

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Second Trailer for The Rock’s RAMPAGE Is Here!

Warner Bros. is ramping up publicity (get it) for the upcoming, highly-anticipated The Rock movie, Rampage. A few weeks after the first trailer dropped, we are now treated to a much-longer, plot-revealing second trailer, which you can catch below. If the beginning of the 2:26 Rampage clip looks a lot like Jumanji to you, we can’t blame you. Given the stunning run of success for that film, we expected that Warner Bros. would essentially make Rampage look like a sequel to the Sony movie. Still, after a few jungle scenes and some jokes, the similarities quickly end. In this...

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Check Out the Second A QUIET PLACE Trailer!

Emily Blunt scares up a silent storm in the trailer for the upcoming horror film, A Quiet Place. The premise is that whatever animal or mosnter is hunting the farm family is attracted to sound, such that the protagonists mute every sound they can including by speaking in sign language. The film is directed by and also John Krasinski, and will open the horror nights at the South by Southwest film festival in March ahead of an April 9, 2018 release by Paramount. Krasinski is, of course, married to Blunt. In the extended teaser below, Krasinski explains that whatever is...

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FIFTY SHADES Frees Jumanji Of Top Box Office Spot

Terrifying critics the world over that they would have to endure another painful episode of the Fifty Shades franchise, the final chapter, Fifty Shades Freed, debuted to a decent $38 million at the North American box office this weekend, with another $98 million abroad. This means the franchise has brought in over $1 billion total. We are doomed. This ended the mostly unbroken dominance of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle at the box office since its debut around Christmas last time. The movie dropped to fourth, but is still impressing with only a 10% dip in revenues in the...

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Michael Bay on Warner’s Radar for LOBO Adaptation

THR is reporting Warner Bros. studios wouldn’t mind seeing Michael Bay on the Director’s chair for the decades-in-the-making adaptation of the Lobo comic book. But, sources apparantely say, they don’t want to spend the $200 million the current script would make Lobo cost. So, it’s perhaps mucho ado about nothing. Bay is currently directing the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee, and Warner isn’t even in negotiations with Bay, this is like a feeler between the two parties. Lobo has been caught in production hell for years, with parties as varied as Will Smith and The Rock at one point or another in...

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