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Author: J. Don Birnam

FILM REVIEW: WAR MACHINE Provides Brutal Satire About Our Failings

There’s a subtle brilliance in Netflix’s upcoming drama satire War Machine in those moments when it incisively goes for the jugular of precisely what is wrong with the never-ending American engine of battle. Brad Pitt, as fictionalized general Glenn McMahon, has a contorted hand permanently paralyzed as a claw that jars you when he speaks with his determined resolved. It is the movie in a nutshell: a sometimes strained but nevertheless memorable introspective piece on our modern failures as a society. McMahon gets sent to Afghanistan by the newly-elected President Obama. Full of hubris to go along his decorations,...

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Film Review: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Tells No Tales

There’s an inherent difficulty in describing to people a movie that is both so scintillating and yet so tragically uninteresting. Should one focus on the poor script? On the lackluster effort by the lackluster star? On the repeated story? Or should one go for grace and say—well, at least Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales really actually entertains you. At least if you can pronounce it. (Warning: This review contains some spoilers). When the Pirates franchise debuted in 2003 it did so to much success. My God, a Best Actor Academy Award nomination for Johnny Depp....

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Suicide Squad Director David Ayer In Talks to Direct SCARFACE Remake

Universal has a release date (August 2018) and it has a star (Diego Luna, Rogue One) but it still doesn’t have anyone to direct the anticipated remake of the classic immigrant gangster story Scarface. Now, David Ayer the director of the much maligned Suicide Squad from the DC Universe is in talks with the studio to get behind the camera, which also has the talent of the violence-experienced Coen Brothers. Back in February we did an Exclusive story details on the upcoming project, which you can check out by CLICKING HERE! While the first version of the film came out in the 1930s, it...

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Tom Hardy to Play VENOM in Spider-Man Offshoot!

The long awaited first real spinoff of the Spider-Man movie series just got a shot in the arm with the announcement that Tom Hardy has been cast to play the titular character Venom and that Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer has been tapped to helm. There has long been pressure for Sony to capitalize on the continued goodwill of its immensely popular Spider-Man series, which arguably spawned the current incarnation of superhero action movies. The next installment – Spider-Man: Homecoming – is a couple of months away, but the slated October 5, 2018 release date will come faster than you think. Hardy seems like a solid...

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BLACK LIGHTNING Won’t Be a Part of CW Arrow-Verse, and New Trailer

The CW announced its fall lineup schedule this morning and along with a number of information about the upcoming superhero series Black Lightning. First, check out the new trailer below! Also check out the story details from the upcoming series by CLICKING HERE! In it we see the backstory of Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams), retired from his superhero ways at the behest of his wife, becoming upended when the streets of New Orleans become too dangerous. As per the trailer, Pierce will once again become Black Lightning in order to combat crime particularly after his daughter is recruited by a gang....

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