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Author: J. Don Birnam


Perhaps the biggest talent the Fast and the Furious franchise developers have is to make completely forgettable movies. I say this is a skill because it is a necessary component of the winning strategy they’ve developed into this multi-billion dollar empire: to make a movie so entertaining and yet so unmemorable that audiences won’t know the difference when they plop back down for the next helping twelve months hence. As I sat there watching the latest/eighth installment, The Fate of the Furious, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d seen precisely this movie before. Perhaps I had, but this...

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Superman Returning to SUPERGIRL

Ever since Tyler Hoechlin showed up for a couple of episodes in CW’s Supergirl, fans of the Man of Steel have been hankering for more. According to E! News there wish has been granted as producers have apparently confirmed that Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) cousin is returning for the finale of season two! Kal originally showed up to help his cousin handle a pesky craft from LexCorp and then stuck around for a bit before going back to Metropolis. But National City has missed him since then, particularly since his departure left a return a real possibility. Back then, executive producer...

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THE LAST JEDI: Laura Dern Character & Other News Revealed!

STAR WARS fan sites are abuzz with latest news leaking from the production of the upcoming Last Jedi, slated for release later this year. (Warning: This article contains general, potential spoilers of the upcoming sequel to The Force Awakens). As you obviously know, Laura Dern is the latest of superstars to join the Star Wars universe, and her character appears to be called Admiral Holdo and to lead a band of the Resistance against The First Order. Holdo is reported to be a sort of foil to Poe Dameron, leading at least a different faction of a potentially divided...

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FILM REVIEW: Indie Film “OVUM” Takes a Look at the World of Egg Donors

It is a common refrain that life imitates art, but really one knows that it is art that most of the time follows life, and sometimes quite literally so. In the indie film Ovum, screenwriter/actress Sonja O’Hara and first-time director Matt Ott take us into an unexpected, and at times unsettling, journey into one such space, the world of women who donate their eggs for cash and use the proceeds from some other worthwhile endeavor. The film, a dark comedy now acquired by Orchard and Random Media and slated for online distribution starting April 11, was in fact produced...

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FILM REVIEW: Revenge Tale THE ASSIGNMENT Reaches but Falls Short

As far as politically provocative movies go, Walter Hill’s new film The Assignment has all the goods. A low-life hitman (Michelle Rodriguez, first sporting some facial hair) is involuntarily given gender reassignment surgery, and now has to live the rest of his life as a woman. But when it comes to actual thoughtfulness, I’m afraid the campy film falls somewhat short. The film is a low budget, soapy revenge tale that will likely become a cult classic. Contract killer Frank (Rodriguez) makes the mistake of taking out the brother of a deranged doctor, played by a deliciously wicked Sigourney...

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