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Author: J. Don Birnam


20th Century Fox has just released its first trailer for its upcoming Murder on the Orient Express, which you can watch below. As we have covered before, the movie is a retelling of the classic tale by Agatha Christie of thirteen strangers stranded on a train when a brutal murder occurs, and Hercule Poirot‘s quest to solve it. Clearly trying to transform itself into the quick-punch, explosion-laden style of 21st Century movie telling, director (and star) Kenneth Branagh seems to have taken the film into a more “fast-paced” direction. The billing for the film describes a “race against time” to...

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New ATOMIC BLONDE Film Clip Is Here!

After making a big splash at the South by Southwest Film Festival, the upcoming Charlize Theron action flick Atomic Blonde is much the talk among movie fans. Sporting high-intensity action sequence in front of the camera by stunt veteran Director David Leitch (John Wick, Deadpool 2), the new video clip put out by Universal promises to be the first in a series of mini-episodes that will get us even more excited for the upcoming July 28 release of the movie. In the film, an MI:6 spy played by Theron is dispatched to 1989 Berlin to infiltrate a ring of...

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Universal Wants Angelina as BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN; The Rock as WOLFMAN

As Universal Studios prepares to debut The Mummy reboot next week, rumors are swirling as to how and with who they’d like to cast other potential movies that would populate their developing monsters franchise. The current swirl is that the high-ranking execs would love to see Angelina Jolie to star in the as-of-now uncast Bride of Frankenstein, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson to play the titular Wolfman. Already Universal has announced plans to release reboots of Dr. Jekyll, The Invisible Man, and Frankenstein’s Monster, starring Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, and Javier Bardem respectively. But the studio, looking to compete...

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New THE MUMMY Featurette Promises “Huge Ride”

Days before the release of the retooled horror/action tale The Mummy, Universal has released a final video Mummy featurette that teases audiences into some of the effects that went into production and that they can expect to be on display when the movie rolls into theaters. In it, Tom Cruise explains that the locations were shot across the globe, most interestingly in Namibia to emulate the scenes that took place in ancient Mesopotamia and Iraq. Cruise shows off a dazzling village that was built–only to be blown up and demolished–as part of the production. Co-star Anabelle Wallis, who we...

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Rosario Dawson Likely Headed Into NEW MUTANTS Cast

The X-Men spinoff movie slated for release early next year, New Mutants, has likely just added a veteran of the comic book genre with star-wattage of her own. Reports are that Rosario Dawson is in talks to portray Dr. Cecilia Reyes, who has the ability to protect herself with a bio-field type shield. She already appears as a nurse in some of Netflix’s Marvel shows like Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron First. She is indeed one of the characters that connects the shows and will reappear in The Defenders, released on August 18. Already slated to appear in New Mutants are Maisie...

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