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Author: J. Don Birnam

Joe Manganiello Talks About His Role in THE BATMAN

Every time I go to the Internet it seems as if new trouble is engulfing two key upcoming DCEU projects, The Batman and Justice League. The only other subject that seems to generate this much constant negative attention is perhaps the Trump White House? Now it’s The Batman’s turn to cause sighs and groans, as purported star and villain in that film Joe Manganiello gave THR an interview that telegraphs serious displeasure with how things are going in Gotham. The former True Blood star was slated to star as Batman nemesis Deathstroke in that film, with then-director Ben Affleck even releasing a cool...

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Warner Planning Historic Oscars Campaign for WONDER WOMAN and Patty Jenkins

Variety is reporting that, on the heels of the historic box office success of comic book movie Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. is ready to put the power of the all mighty dollar behind a strong awards season campaign for the film, in hopes of landing it an unprecedented Best Picture nomination, as well as a Best Director nod for its helmer, Patty Jenkins. Although Warner apparently declined to comment, it seems logical that the studio will try its luck at least as the awards season remains wide open (to be fair, it hasn’t really begun). The Oscars, of course, have been male-dominated...

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Report: TILDA SWINTON Was Considered To Play “IT” Clown

If you thought the world of politics was weird, how about the fact that it appears as if Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton was actually among the people considered to play the demonic clown Pennywise in the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s world-famous It novel. Tilda, of course, is known for her eccentric but spell-binding roles. The clown, also known as Bob Gay, is of course infamous and terrifying because he is a child-murdering clown. So, it would not be too far-fetched to think of the thespian, who has done it all from nihilistic villain to troubled romantic (not to...

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FILM REVIEW: THE EMOJI MOVIE Is A Pile of … *Smiley Emoji*

Alright, it’s not that bad. But it’s not very good either. It seems silly to remind you of the old cliché that Hollywood is out of ideas, since I am sure you know filmmakers now look to apps like Angry Birds for movie concepts. Enter The Emoji Movie, one that is not even about an app or any game with a particular central character, but simply about a graphic way of communicating in modern technology, and you’d forgive a cynical critic for being skeptical. And while The Emoji Movie is not quite the pile of *poop emoji* that you may...

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FILM REVIEW: BRIGSBY BEAR Is a Moving Tale of Nostalgia and the Power of Dedication

Premiering at Sundance earlier this year, the eccentric but touching comedy Brigsby Bear hits theaters in the United States this weekend and brings with it a genuine tale about the power of visual art to inspire and channel our creative impulses. It is an overall simple film (at times too much so) that packs heartwarming laugh around its good intentions. The film centers around young adult James Pope, played with delightful innocence by Saturday Night Live performer Kyle Mooney, who was kidnapped from his true parents at birth by two strange but somehow well-meaning individuals. The father, Ted Mitchum...

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