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Author: Kellvin Chavez

Exclusive: Story Details On SOLDADO The Sequel To SICARIO!

SOLDADO Story Details No Country for Hitmen 2015’s Sicario was one of that year’s best movie. The brutal saga about the law enforcement war on the Mexican Cartels got three Oscar nominations and was a modest worldwide hit at the box-office (84m). The story of FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) was pretty much over by the end of the film. When Lionsgate announced plans to make a follow up to the film, it sounded like a strange proposition. Many thought it was going to be a prequel telling the origin story of Alejandro who was brilliantly played by...

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Exclusive: Talking LOGAN With Director James Mangold!

A few weeks we sat down with Director James Mangold, who was behind the camera for the upcoming latest installment in the X-Men Universe, Logan. In our exclusive interview, the long-time director (who also directed The Wolverine) talks about how he approaches making a movie–which could be the last–about a character he has lived with for so long, and the prospects of this movie being the last in the franchise. Logan has been rumored to be the last time that Hugh Jackman will play The Wolverine, but Mangold thinks that the best way to handle that is to not...

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