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Author: Lucas Siegel

Preacher Recap with Spoilers S2E7: “Pig”

Last week on Preacher, Jesse and company struck a deal with the Saint of Killers – which Jesse proceeded to immediately renege on, instead using Genesis to strip the Saint of his weapons, lock him in the back of a van, and push him into a lake. Because that’s going to stop this guy, obviously. Oh, and Jesse sold 1% of his soul to do it, so that’s even better. Let’s see what kinds of bad decisions they can get up to this week, shall we? The titular animal Things start, quizzically, with a pig in Vietnam. A man and wife are...

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Game of Thrones Recap with Spoilers S7E3: “The Queen’s Justice”

It’s happening, y’all. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are on a collision course and these trains are hitting tonight. Last week’s episode on Game of Thrones saw the true cost of post traumatic stress for Theon, saw the Dornish and splinter-Greyjoys decimated. Euron is terrifying. Could Ellaria and Yara possibly survive tonight’s Game of Thrones episode. Shall we begin? (Yes, we’re still doing that). Summon Jon Snow Well, the King in the North has come to Dragonstone to meet the Mother of Dragons. It’s really happening. Jon’s meeting with Tyrion, a reunion, is one of those rare joyful moments this...

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PREACHER Recap with Spoilers S2E6 “Sokosha”

Here is our latest recap from Preacher. The Saint is in New Orleans. Viktor is dead. Everyone kinda dislikes each other more and trusts each other less. It’s time to party. What is this conversation? This is a really weird conversation. A couple is talking to a guy about the man having something… removed. He wants 15% of something… of what? WHAT ARE YOU SIGNING AWAY, BRO? Woah, we’re actually going to get an answer right away, I guess, as he’s doing the procedure right here. He inserts something into the donor’s leg, a needle goes in, and he...

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Game of Thrones Recap with Spoilers S7E2 “Stormborn”

Last week kicked off the long-awaited seventh season with a bang on Game of Thrones . Let’s just jump right into tonight’s episode… Shall we begin? Stormy weather Things start right off with a storm over Dragonstone that reminds Varys of Dany’s birth storm. No one said “Stormborn” out loud though, so no drink just yet. Varys and Tyrion want to plot to take Westeros, not just burn it down. The conversation gets awfully contentious awfully quickly when Daenerys starts picking apart Varys’s history. He notes that he’s loyal to the realm more than to any individual leader. His...

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Preacher Recap with Spoilers S2E5 “Dallas”

Last week’s episode of Preacher dropped a bombshell: Tulip’s big secret was that she’s married, to Viktor, the mysterious mob boss we met in New Orleans. Not great news for Jesse, who just a couple episodes ago was all set to marry her himself. Whoops. Meanwhile, the Saint of Killers is officially back on the trail of the Preacher and his cohorts, which isn’t going to end well, seeing as he’s shown a certain immunity to the power of Genesis. Oh, and Eugene is still in Hell, beating up Hitler to fit in. ‘Kay. All caught up? Let’s start this...

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