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Author: Mario-Francisco Robles

EL FANBOY: “That BLADE RUNNER Threesome, Brolin For BATMAN, and The Future of MARVEL and DC!”

There’s a lot to talk about this week, and El Fanboy host Mario-Francisco Robles covers it all. Whether it’s a spoiler discussion on one of BLADE RUNNER 2049’s most controversial scenes, Josh Brolin talking about being part of the X-Men Universe and the Marvel Universe (and why he SHOULD have been in the DC Universe), Karl Urban possibly reprising Dredd, Netflix dominating the world, and Harvey Weinstein’s indiscretions actually hurting JUSTICE LEAGUE…there’s a ton to talk about. Along the way, he also touches on Box Office, new trailers for Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER, THE NEW MUTANTS, and STRANGER THINGS Season...

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EL FANBOY: “TRAILER FIGHT: Justice League v Star Wars: The Last Jedi!”

On this week’s show, host Mario-Francisco Robles takes a long hard look at the two massive trailers that just dropped. The final Justice League and Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailers have arrived in the last couple of days and given us a lot to think about the two hotly-anticipated epics. MFR discusses the Pros and Cons, analyzes the themes and questions that arose in both, and offers some insight into where this leaves the hype for both movies. When it comes to Justice League, there’s a whole lot to love, but there’s also the potential appearance of a frequent weakness in the DCEU...

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EL FANBOY: “DCEU’s New Strategy Is Coming Into Focus, IT Is A Real MOTHER At The Box Office, More!”

On this week’s stacked edition of El Fanboy, MFR explains how Marvel and Lucasfilm are adapting the TV model of storytelling for the big screen- and the Pros and Cons of that approach. Meanwhile, WB and DC are trying to forge their own path by trying to have their cake and eat it, too, with the DCEU. Can that approach work? Hint: At this point, it looks like the only difference between the DCEU and DCEU 2.0 is that a certain someone is out of the picture… He also sheds some light on the production timeline for THE BATMAN,...

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EL FANBOY: “This Summer Belongs To WONDER WOMAN And Her GIRLS, STAR WARS Chatter, And A Taken BOND?”

On this week’s show, MFR awards the summer to two groups that Hollywood has a rough history with: Woman and People of Color. He makes the case for why the successes of WONDER WOMAN, GIRLS TRIP, and even GET OUT earlier this year, make this year such an important one for cinema…and possibly for history. He also touches on John Leguizamo’s passionate essay on the current latino landscape in American pop culture:…s-despacito-snub Beyond that, as always, he hits all the hottest stories on the web including: – Rian Johnson’s latest remarks about STAR WARS – The HELLBOY Reboot...

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EL FANBOY: “Zack Snyder Is Definitely Returning To JUSTICE LEAGUE, And Way More!”

On this week’s show, host Mario-Francisco Robles returns from a weeklong vacation that was filled with adventure AND horror! While he was away, there were interesting behind-the-scenes rumors and rumbles about JUSTICE LEAGUE, and MFR’s take on it all may surprise you. Sites everywhere are reporting that Zack Snyder may return for the end of JUSTICE LEAGUE’s troubled production, and MFR weighs in on the latest brouhaha surrounding DC’s November tentpole. He hits all of the following topics: – JUSTICE LEAGUE Drama: Snyder Returning? Whedon A Cheating Douche? – Disney Punking Netflix – Netflix Rebounding With Stuff Like THE...

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