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Author: Mario-Francisco Robles

EL FANBOY 21/22: Da7e and Kellvin Join MFR For Two Spictacular Spider-Man: Homecoming Chats!

One of the king’s of superhero cinema has returned to theaters everywhere, and the El Fanboy Podcast has you covered with two different discussions about Spider-Man: Homecoming. Episode 21 is the NON-SPOILER discussion between host Mario-Francisco Robles and Splash Report editor-in-chief Kellvin Chavez, and Episode 22 is the SPOILERIFIC discussion between MFR and Da7e Gonzales of the Storm of Spoilers podcast. So take your pick as to which Spider-Man: Homecoming chat you’d like to hear. One was recorded on Friday, prior to the film’s heroic weekend at the box office and including the top fanboy news stories at the time. The other was recorded this...

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EL FANBOY: “DC and Fox’s Risks Are Way More Satisfying Than Marvel’s Safety Webbing”

In a cinematic landscape that’s way over-populated with superhero fair, El Fanboy Podcast host Mario-Francisco Robles finds it interesting that we’ve gotten two classics this year…and that both came from wildly inconsistent franchises: The DC Extended Universe and Fox’s X-Men Universe. In this week’s show, MFR discusses the way huge gambles can pay off in a major way- something he thinks the folks at Marvel Studios could stand to learn. In 2017, Fox’s X-Men Universe gave us Logan and the WB’s DCEU gave us Wonder Woman; Two of the better films to ever come out of Hollywood’s attempts to bring beloved comic book characters to...

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EL FANBOY: “MFR Assembles A Geek JUSTICE LEAGUE- Jett, Da7e, Brandon, and Kellvin!”

On this week’s stacked show, El Fanboy Podcast host Mario-Francisco Robles celebrates his birthday by putting together his own Geek Justice League. He’s joined on the show by Bill “Jett” Ramey of Batman on Film, Da7e Gonzales of Storm of Spoilers and MTV, comedian Brandon Collins of the Medium Popcorn Podcast, and The Splash Report‘s very own editor-in-chief and Latino-Review founder Kellvin Chavez. The five gents spend two hours discussing everything from the Venom being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how that affects the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man deal, to the incredibly extensive Justice League Reshoots and the ripple effect that Batman v Superman had on the entire...

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EL FANBOY: “Imploding Universes, Hammering DC, and Kiddy SJW Star Wars?”

Hot on the heels of The Mummy unraveling at the box office and starting off Universal’s Dark Universe on shaky ground, El Fanboy Podcast Mario-Francisco Robles explores how cinematic universes themselves are looking these days. From Marvel to DC to Star Wars, how is Hollywood’s obsession with Cinematic Universes doing? Is it sustainable? MFR also takes time to touch on all the hottest fanboy topics currently making the rounds: What’s Armie Hammer’s real status with the DCEU? How is Colin Trevorrow approaching Star Wars: Episode IX? Josh Brolin is such a fanboy What exactly will Joss Whedon be adding/changing to Justice League (hint: There’ll be...

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EL FANBOY: “Wonder Woman Whips Marvel, The Mummy To Rot, and Franchise Fatigue”

On this week’s episode of the El Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles puts into perspective how Wonder Woman‘s opening weekend reception could signal a huge turning point for the DC Extended Universe. He also points out how Universal’s The Mummy is about to be fed to DC’s Amazonian Princess. Along the way, MFR also touches on all the week’s hottest topics: Is Avengers: Infinity War going to be too big? Universal’s Dark Universe looks like it’s about to stumble out of the gate with The Mummy. Why do they keep adding more characters?! Phantom of The Opera? THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME? It’s Sony’s Spiderverse all over...

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