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Author: Mario-Francisco Robles

EL FANBOY PODCAST- Episode Ten: “The Last Jedi, Galactus Coming To MCU(?), And My Love/Hate Relationship With TV”

On this week’s loaded episode of the El Fanboy Podcast, MFR talks about his love/hate relationship with television, how Fate of The Furious is a phenomenon you shouldn’t be sleeping on, the early reaction to Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (which includes an insane bit of bochinche about the ramifications the film could have for the entire MCU), the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, and much more! Thanks to some Splash Report sources, Mario delves into something regarding Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 that could have huge implications about something being worked out between Marvel Studios and Twentieth Century Fox. Perhaps a...

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EL FANBOY PODCAST- Episode Nine: “Thor Ragna-Rocking, Whedon NOT Directing BATGIRL, & Ghost Shellshocked”

On this week’s episode of El Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles reacts the newly-released trailer for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. Find out exactly why he’s so pumped about Thor’s next adventure, why thinks the reports of Joss Whedon entering the DCEU with Batgirl may not pan out, and much, much more! Other topics discussed on the El Fanboy Podcast this week: Box Office Analysis: Ghost In The Shell(shocked), Fate of The Furious surpassing expectations for the franchise, and more The direction that Universal is going in with its shared Monster Universe All kinds of DCEU rumors about everything from Man of Steel 2 to Black Adam to Suicide Squad...

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EL FANBOY PODCAST Comes To The Splash Report: Kellvin, Da7e, MFR, & More!

Since parting ways with a certain former site that shall not be named, several of us refugees landed in greener pastures. Kellvin Chavez is the Editor-in-Chief of The Splash Report, Da7e continues to dazzle people with editorials here on Splash, but he’s also the co-host of phenomenal podcasts like A Storm of Spoilers and Fighting In The War Room. Meanwhile I, Mario-Francisco Robles, have become a freelance writer for sites that include The Splash Report and IGN. Something I used to do over at…that other place…was host a podcast. We were called Los Fanboys. Mere hours after my run at that other...

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POWER RANGERS Review: Dean Israelite Has Delivered A Fun, Dumb Treat For Longtime Fans

These new Power Rangers have practically everything you’d want from them, but the movie they’re in holds itself back from being truly great. Something will strike you right away when you sit down to watch Dean Israelite’s Power Rangers: Wow, we’re in a rush! Yes, the movie begins in a hot ass hurry to get all of the core characters introduced, reveal the rough sketches of their archetypes, and plant the seeds for what their dynamic together is like. The first 15 or so minutes of Power Rangers is essentially a sprint towards the real meat and potatoes of what the film...

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It would appear that Warner Bros. looked at their Matrix property and said, “We’ll have what Marvel’s having.” We’ve got the scoop! When the news broke last week that Warner Bros. was looking to relaunch The Matrix, everyone and their mother had an opinion about it. While our Editor-in-Chief, Kellvin Chavez, first revealed that The WB was trying to kickstart the Matrix series back in February of 2015, the confirmation of that scoop by The Hollywood Reporter got everybody buzzing now in 2017. A lot of the chatter centered around THR referring to the film as a “reboot,” a phrase that implies that the studio...

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