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Author: Michael Powell

DCEU Creating A New Image With Toby Emmerich At The Helm

Wonder Woman has been the savior of the DCEU since its release just a couple of weeks ago. The reviews from the dreaded Rotten Tomatoes site and the not so dreaded fans has all been favorable, with some even seeing it as the bench mark of female led and female directed movies both in the Superhero cinematic world and every other genre. It goes without saying, it would be wise of the DCEU to stand pat behind the heroine and what seems to be creating a new path in their film catalogue. It has been shared that two new...

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July 7th is slowly creeping upon us and brings with it another comic book film for the theaters. With a perfect summer release date, Spider-Man:Homecoming, looks to continue the success wave that started with Logan, then Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, and has picked up with the surprise praise of Wonder Woman. The trailers and posters have fanned the fire of interest in the bellies of fans everywhere and may believe their hunger will be satiated when the movie is finally released. As the excitement builds, a recent release of Spider-Man news has pulled the fans even further into...

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Casting List for X-MEN DARK PHOENIX Hints at New Characters

The new X-Men are younger and without their Wolverine mascot, but that doesn’t mean they are without some fire power. The last X-Men film, X-Men: Apocalypse, saw the introduction and in my opinion untimely death of one of their oldest enemies while also bringing to the screen an almost forgotten mishap of the previous X-Men movies, Dark Phoenix. Though some would agree that unleashing this cosmic power house in Jean’s psyche so early seemed premature, those same people would have to admit it was done far better than what we saw the earlier X-Men renditions attempt. We saw the...

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The MCU has been doing a great job maintaining a sense of continuity with its characters, keeping at bay any chance for die hard comic book fans to call for the heads of studio execs, directors, and the actors. Much of this has been because for the great story telling and titles that have all built their foundation on well put together series. That seems to be something James Gunn, the screen writer of all Guardians of the Galaxy, has been careful to not disrupt as his Guardians films continue to be the gems among fans of the MCU....

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Transformers in Time: New Possible TRANSFORMERS Movie Ideas

The TFCU, better known simply as the Transformers Cinematic Universe, has just gotten much bigger. All of the movies have been set on our planet earth and present day, even the soon to be released, Transformers: The Last Knight, which is a bit more futuristic but still based on our planet. A recent report from the Writers Room of the TFCU has given fans a little more insight into what the future holds beyond the upcoming June 21st release, as if we needed any reassurance that there would be a future. The report reads that Transformers: The Last Night,...

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