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Author: Michael Powell

Rumor: THE BATMAN May Feature Deathstroke, Scarecrow & The Joker

The Batman movie remains in a blurry mess as far as story, production, and even whether or not Ben Affleck is on board for sure. What we do know is that The Dark Knight will be in the Justice League film and that The Batman film has a director, at least on paper, named Matt Reeves. Though what I am about to share is merely rumor mill product, it is still something worth sinking your teeth into. With Matt Reeves finishing up his fulfillment to War for the Planet of the Apes and rumors of the script for The...

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THE NEW MUTANTS Walk Down Horror Lane: Josh Boone’s Vision

FOX continues to churn out the mutant film juggernauts and has recently announced the budding production of The New Mutants which will feature some of the lesser known but equally powerful characters of the Marvel Universe. What is new about this latest report is the path the film will be taking, needless to say it is not a traditional one. Though all the superhero movies are different in their presentation and quality, they all followed the hero faces insurmountable odds only to win the day and save all the world or universe in some case, The New Mutants will...

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JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Staying Afloat As Doug Liman Leaves Project

Justice League Dark came to the smaller screens of televisions everywhere earlier this year bringing to animated life the darker side heroes of the DC Universe. It was a great introduction for many who are not familiar with Zatanna, Deadman, or Etrigan the Demon while giving fans of the classic Swamp Thing film a gentle nod. Well, it was recently reported that Dark Universe, the name of the Justice League Dark movie, would be getting its own film with said stars to headline their first showing on movie screens but it was already in peril as reports came out...

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Behind The Scenes Peek At AQUAMAN

New on site footage of the upcoming Aquaman movie has surfaced and though there is not much to see it lends to a couple reveals that fans of the blonde underwater King will love. The onsite footage shows a young Arthur Curry and his sea taming father in the place where it all started, Amnesty Bay. This means we will get to see an origin story and get to see how the relationship with his father or lack there of has help make Aquaman the hero he is. Jason Momoa’s stunt double was also on set which indicates this...

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Dwayne Johnson Is Excited About BLACK ADAM

The name of Black Adam has been floating around Hollywood for some time now as comic book movies have had continued success in the theaters. Who would be the next big name to bring to life from the pages? And more importantly for DC, who could they make a possible impact with to somehow close the gap between them and the MCU. Well, it has finally come to fruition, Black Adam is not just a fans dream or the consideration after thought of some Hollywood producers but has its leading star in Dwayne Johnson who got to share his...

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