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Author: Michael Powell

FANTASTIC VOYAGE Is On Hold- Guillermo del Toro Focused on Award Season

Award season is upon us and films are lining up to be the names called even as just nominees but especially as the winner. This means we will see a flurry of films hitting the screens in major theaters as well at film festivals, all pushing to get consideration. Well, one director finds himself in an envious situation, director Guillermo del Toro, the mind behind Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy, took a break from the Fantastic Voyage, a remake of the 1965 film, that was in production to focus on his current film that will hit festivals this year, The...

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Wonder Woman Stomps Reshoots Doubts About JUSTICE LEAGUE

Zack Snyder took the helm of Justice League as fans were still on the fence after seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That is something to tip one’s hat to as Justice League, by sheer character presences alone, looks to be a huge production and incorporates some classic names like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, while bringing to the big screen for the first time Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman. The weight of a successful team up was made heavier with the add on fact that he had to step away from the production during reshoots for personal...

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BAD BOYS FOR LIFE Is Taking Forever

Fourteen years ago Bad Boys II hit theaters and continued the comical yet dangerous relationship between Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowery, played by Martin Lawrence and Will Smith respectively. Both Bad Boys one and two were fan favorites and made the name Mike Lowery a household name in any bantering situation. Part three of the series, Bad Boys Forever, has been long awaited and what seemed to be a positive turn has now been a set back. It was recently reported that the film has lost its director which now pushes the film release back further into the unknown....

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Spy Genre Goes Extraterrestrial With ALIEN SLEEPER CELL

The spy world is getting a new look in an upcoming alien film called Alien Sleeper Cell which is being compared to a Sci-Fi thriller version of The Bourne Identity. The director is James McTiegue who directed the ant-establishment film V For Vendetta and at the moment the original story by Morgan Davis Foehl, is being rewritten by Justin Monjo who has written a number of films shot overseas such as Jungle and Storm Boy in Australia, some being headed by some strong names such as Daniel Radcliffe, Jai Courtney and Geoffrey Rush. The film will be produced by...

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Damage Control: Casey Affleck Adds Fuel To THE BATMAN Fire

The Batman has been a topic of discussion since Ben Affleck was first attached to the caped crusader and remained a constant topic when it was clear that fans were on a seesaw ride of what to expect concerning the future of Mister Wayne. Even after Ben Affleck appeared in the films that would give something for us to look forward to, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, we are still hearing conflicting reports on if there will ever be a stand alone film starring this older Dark Knight. Yesterday we reported that in an interview...

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