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Author: Michael Powell

Storylines Revealed For The MCU Upcoming Films

There has been much to do when it comes to how the MCU has been unfolding. Ever since the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy we have been teased with what was to come and the introduction of Black Panther added a new level of intrigue as we head into another block buster year. License! Global Magazine has given fans more to chomp on with a recent spill of certainty pertaining to the synopsis for each of the next MCU films lined up that will follow along the story arch they have been developing the past few years. First...

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Kevin Feige Is Dreaming Of Crossovers Much To The Glee Of Fans

Last years Captain America: Civil War brought smiles to fans in every movie theater as we watched Spiderman make his return to the big screen. Though he was fighting on the wrong side it was an awesome crossover that reminded many of us of the comic book crossovers that created new story lines and battles we never thought we’d see play out. This wasn’t just a one-time thing it seems as Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President, shared his interest in making more crossovers when he sat down with Perception Conversations; “My goal is to replicate the experience that, you...

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THE FLASH Loses Ground As Billy Crudup Reportedly Drops Out [UPDATE]

Update: THR is now reporting that Billy Crudup is not dropping out of DC Film’s The Flash, as EW initially reported. According to sources close to the production and Crudup’s camp, the actor is still firmly on board to play the father of Barry Allen aka The Flash. ORIGINAL STORY BELOW The old adage to take a step forward you sometimes have to take two steps back seems to apply perfectly to the progression or regression that The Flash movie has made in the past few weeks. Though many were elated to hear that not only did the DCEU...

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First Official STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Photo Revealed

It has been more than 10 years since we have seen a fresh team of explorer’s man the Star Trek ships into unknown adventures, leaving many fans to watch marathon re-reruns of the Captain Kirk and Picard days while debating the best era from Original Series to the good ol’days of the Enterprise. Well, in 2015 it was shared that we could expect a premiere of a new Star Trek series in January 2017 which of course rekindled the flame of all Trekkies everywhere. That has come and gone we are already in the middle of the year but...

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Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn Up To Helm THE FLASH

Last month we shared the news that Warner Bros. had revved the engines to get a move on The Flash film with the goal of getting the movie in motion this year. They had their sights on Robert Zemeckis as the potential director to spear head this revival of one of the most popular characters in the DC universe, now they have another possible option in Matthew Vaughn. Both would be great choices to light the torch of the speedster but both have some obstacles that could cause Warner Bros. to look elsewhere. Robert Zemeckis is the director in...

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