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Author: Michael Powell

Luke Skywalker Faces His Own Darkside In THE LAST JEDI

The world of Star Wars was always one filled with the light and dark, the good and bad, the Vader’s and the Skywalkers, Jedi and Sith. This has been the way since 1977 but things began to take on a new look and more complexity with The Force Awakens, which saw a rebellious Storm Trooper in John Boyega’s Finn break the mental chains of control and wield a lightsaber to fend off Kylo Ren, a fight that still has fans and Star Wars super geeks questioning whether or not the Han Solo like character has some of the force...

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Creed And Drago Or Rocky And Drago, It Will Be A Rematch

Rocky returned to the big screen in 2015 in Creed, with Sly Stallone playing the trainer to the fatherless son of the dead Apollo Creed. With that film coming to the big screen after the 2006 Rocky Balboa movie, almost 10 years ago, was there any surprise that we would see Stallone back on the big screen in the squared circle? TMZ spoke with Stallone in their usually unexpected way and he shared what could be a teaser; “You know I gotta hit Drago once.” Things are going to get violent between the two now old enemies, but more...

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Pennywise The Clown Gets A Close-Up

Pennywise has been heating up the interest of movie fans with every new trailer and look at the demented clown from the classic Stephen King thriller, IT. Anyone who has seen the original film can attest to how creepy he already was but this new version adds a little more chill to the spine. There was a gamble being made here by studios with The Dark Tower taking the stage first and not getting great responses from the crowd who are fans of the book and felt it veered away from what made Stephen Kings mash up of guns...

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THE DARK TOWER Comes to The Small Screen Guns Blazing

The Dark Tower is hitting theaters tomorrow, Friday August 4th and is already receiving mixed reviews, (Read our review HERE!), which isn’t bad for a series of books that spanned 4 titles and averaged 500 pages each. When the film was first announced by Sony in 2015 it was already hinted that it would not just be a film to itself but would be the foundation of a possible television series, well, The Hollywood Reporter has recently shared that Glen Mazzara, of The Walking Dead, will be the showrunner for the TV series. The project is still in the...

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Vin Diesel Looks to Revive MIAMI VICE

The theaters have been blowing up with new films and box office smashes but the television world has been relatively quiet, besides the few drops of excitement we get from news of the Inhumans and The Gifted. In comes some news by way of The Hollywood Reporter about something NBC is looking to do, a reboot of the hit show Miami Vice, which Vin Diesel has been paired with Chris Morgan, his Fast and the Furious partner. This revival is not a new endeavor as it has been in production for the past 24 months, it is a series...

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