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Author: Michael Powell

The Attack of Rotten Tomatoes: Hollywood’s Nightmare

There have been low rumblings, silent cries demanding some level of accountability for the movie industry, something or someone that would force it to look at its product with a more honest critical eye instead of just churning out factory grade film after film. Movies that lack any real story or progression over a series but are packed with more and more explosions, hot bodies, and shoot’em up action. Hollywood conceded just slightly, giving us visually stunning stories and more true story films to satiate the theater goes hunger for depth and character purpose, but ultimately they would return...

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DEADPOOL 2 Cast Continues To Grow

The comic book film world continues to boil as news is constantly dropping about all the various films either out or soon to come. This one will be another taste teaser for the follow up film Deadpool 2, which will see a return of the Ryan Reynolds’s wise cracking and insane mercenary as well as other notable faces such as Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. The film will also feature some new faces, Josh Brolin as Cable, Zazie Beetz as the female sharp shooter, Domino and a recent add on, Shioli Kutsuna, who’s role is yet to be revealed...

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Featurette: The Spider-Man Goes Hi-Tech

On July 7th there will be another Spider-Man movie, yes many of us have seen so many origin Spider-Man films that we can recite the story in our sleep, but this one will not be like the other origin stories. Spider-Man: Homecoming will not force us to re-watch the long teenage history of the web-slinger, instead we come in where Captain America: Civil War left off. Spider-Man has made his impact on the Marvel world, aiding the side of Iron Man during the super hero smash up and now is back in his home of Queens, New York. This...

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Zack Snyder Shares WONDER WOMAN Vision in BATMAN v SUPERMAN

No one will ever forget the disaster that was the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice film that came out last March but the saving grace that stood out was Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman which catapulted her to the break out release her solo film has been. Though no one can take away from what Patty Jenkins has done as the captain of the ship that is now riding the waves of unchartered success by a female director, we still have to wonder if Zack Snyder had a hand in shaping this DCEU savior. Wonder Woman made her screen debut...

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WONDER WOMAN Breaks The Bank

The recently released Wonder Woman film is already the 14th – biggest world wide grosser of 2017 and it has only been out a week. Needless to say this is exciting news for both Warner Bros. and director Patty Jenkins who has just spear headed one of the most successful female directed films in movie history. It was never a doubt that Wonder Woman would be a successful, it was estimated to make a little over $85 million its first week and possibly cool off wit h a finish near the $200 million range but it has already made...

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