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Author: Michael Powell


The world of the X-Men got younger with X-Men: First Class, and seemed to be adding some of the most powerful villains to its list of characters, adding Apocalypse to their last film. For those who saw the X-Men: Apocalypse, we know that it ended with a clear indication of films to follow, one being X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Not Confirmed title), which is set to release in 2018. Well, it looks like we can be sure that the 20th Century Fox already has its full cast together for the film since it was recently reported that Rain, a South...

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New Stephen King’s IT Is Already Leaving Its Mark

The cinema world has been making a dark turn with Justice League Dark making its way to the movies followed by what will be a somewhat horror path for the New Mutants program coming soon as well. There is another film coming out this year though that will have us ready for this darker theater run, IT, which is a cult favorite and set to be released as a remake this September 2017. The best part of this unreleased movie is already the title character, the demented clown- demon, Pennywise, who is being played by Bill Skarsgard. In a...

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WONDER WOMAN Smashing Box Office With Captain In Tow

In just one day two films have set the box office ablaze, Wonder Woman and Captain Underpants. The DC female powerhouse was already receiving great praise from critics and even the dreaded Rotten Tomatoes review site has it in the 90 percentile of approval. This is huge difference from the previous Warner Bros. comic book adapted movies which makes Wonder Woman look like the heroine she is written to be. Earlier we reported that the studio estimated her to make the $100 million mark which in just this week alone she looks to be coming close to, eyeing a...

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Kong And Godzilla: The Monster World Gets Some New Faces

Godzilla has finally found a steady footing on its climb to relevance and it is bringing King Kong with it. The giant reptile was a hit in theaters in 2014 and Kong: Skull Island was a box office smash when it was released this past March, a time of the year not often associated with film hits. Now, recent reports have it that the monster universe that Warner Bros. is piecing together will have its director for the first teaming of these two behemoths since the 80s, director Adam Wingard has come to a deal with Legendary and Warner...

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STRANGER THINGS’ Millie Bobby Brown Could Have Been X-23

Stranger Things was a hit now working on its second season to the ready excitement of many fans. The young cast was catapulted to stardom and could soon see their faces on the big screen with Millie Bobby Brown being the must ambitious. During an interview with Rachel Evan Wood for Variety, she shared that she auditioned for the role of X-23, Logan’s daughter in Logan. She described that it was one of the most difficult auditions as it required her to be more physical as his ferocious daughter, something we saw in the film. Though she the role...

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