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Author: Michael Powell

Cyborg Is More Than A Machine In JUSTICE LEAGUE

Justice League is fast approaching as the summer comes to an end in just another month but there still seems to be news about the film and its characters. Recently there were some reports that the film had gone under reshoots headed by Joss Whedon, reshoots that were to lighten the mood of the Justice League movie, particularly of Cyborg, the African-American former college athlete that becomes injured and is saved by his father who mergers advanced technology with his son’s organic body. Now more news is out, nothing we don’t already know, but some more detail into what...

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JUSTICE LEAGUE & The Two Headed Director Monster

November 17th is the release date of Justice League, a project following the Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice that will combine this summers hit, Wonder Woman, with Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, and possibly a returning Superman. The film had some rough patches but steadied itself under director Zack Snyder and is now a finish product. The film is still a unique set up as it has two directors, something not very common in the ever changing world of Hollywood and could be something fans notice. During the reshoot stage of the movie Zack Snyder left the film due...

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JUDGE DREDD Artwork Teases TV Show

The last we saw of Judge Dredd, Karl Urban was wearing the trademark helmet and had just finished slaying the last of his bad guys. This was the second iteration of Judge Dredd and has been the last, until now. recently revealed some exclusive looks at some developmental sketches for what looks to be a Judge Dredd TV Show that is in the works. There hasn’t been much treading on the path to production but they with the artwork already out showing two potential scenes it is a strong indicator that some progress has been made. Another key...

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JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Needs A Story: Why Doug Liman Left

Justice League Dark has been a tease. First DC Animation releases a great animated version of the more supernatural and magic inclined heroes of the Justice League and then we get some whispering news of this team coming to the big screen. But, just as soon as we can get excited the director, Doug Liman, removes himself from the pre-production, putting the prospect of making the film back into choppy waters. CinemaBlend had a chance to speak with Doug Liman about his decision to leave in the development stages, giving us some perspective into Liman’s thinking. Doug Liman had...

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Luke Skywalker Faces His Own Darkside In THE LAST JEDI

The world of Star Wars was always one filled with the light and dark, the good and bad, the Vader’s and the Skywalkers, Jedi and Sith. This has been the way since 1977 but things began to take on a new look and more complexity with The Force Awakens, which saw a rebellious Storm Trooper in John Boyega’s Finn break the mental chains of control and wield a lightsaber to fend off Kylo Ren, a fight that still has fans and Star Wars super geeks questioning whether or not the Han Solo like character has some of the force...

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