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Author: Michael Powell


It has been some time since we have seen the talking lion and the fantasy world of the would be kings and queen of the place called Narnia, but news has it that Joe Johnston, the director of Captain America: The First Avenger, will take the helm on the production of the upcoming Narnia: The Silver Chair film that has no release date but now has the beginnings of direction, no pun intended. Though Joe Johnston is known for his story telling in one of the best solo Marvel films to date, he has also directed the classic Jumanji...

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The Judas Contract: TEEN TITANS Ticket To Return?

“Too bad you have to go away sweet cheeks. We would have made great lovers with us both being single.” This was only one of the many memorable lines from a far better developed character among many other well developed characters that have long since been replaced with fart jokes and what many fans have long since saw as a mockery of one of the best DC animated shows to air on on the CN station. If you haven’t guessed what I show I’m talking about, don’t feel bad. I think many of us have tried to forget or...

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The Nameless Avengers 4 or Did Zoe Saldana Reveal The Title?

We are in the summer of blockbuster movie releases and teasers that come out years before the movie is even in production. This is not new to the times as we as visual consumers have created a world where technology and imagination have brought to life something so incredible to think about if we could take a time machine back to the 90s, when the X-Men cartoon and Tim Burton’s Batman movie were the closest we were to seeing the comics come to life. As many fans of both the MCU and DCU sit in wait for the next...

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Shaken Not Stirred: JAMES BOND Is A Free Agent

James Bond is one of the most iconic movie franchises in cinema history and throughout its 50+ years of living on the big screens it has captured the fantasy of movie goers around the world. With that kind of staying power, especially as the attention span for dialogue and story development has dipped compared to even 20 years ago, we can see why the franchise has so many suitors lined up for a date or two. The relationship between Sony and James Bond has contractually expired which is why we have not seen the man who is the poster...

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Ewan McGregor Waiting By The Poolside To Play Obi-Wan Kenobi

It is sunny afternoon in picturesque Hollywood Hills California. The sky is clear and the sun gives the perfect amount of warmth that has made the Golden State a place of destination for anyone seeking to escape the gloom of Gotham City. In a poolside recliner lounges Ewan McGregor, sipping a freshly made glass of iced tea, when his cellphone rings. It’s the call he has been waiting for, the call to return to that galaxy far, far away to once again become the master who would bring us Anakin Skywalker, to dawn the brown hooded cloak once again...

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