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Author: Tommy Zimmer

Arthur Curry: The Alcoholic Aquabro Headed to Christian Rehab?

Arthur Curry is carrying a lot of pain with him when Justice League starts. Sure, he enjoys making banter with the rest of his teammates. However, there is some deep division within his character and the way Jason Momoa portrays him onscreen. When he is accidentally sitting on Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, he begins to open up and express how he’s feeling. Curry is a man who has been divided between land and sea because he is part Atlantean and part human. For Curry, as we meet him in Justice League, he does not know which path to...

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The Overarching Alcoholism of Ben Affleck and The DC Cinematic Universe Batman

Ben Affleck has been receiving positive reviews since he began his stint as The Caped Crusader in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film itself opened up a number of possibilities not only for the actor but for the studio. While the film received a divided response from both critics and audiences, the one thing that did not was Affleck. His character not only was well-written but he brought a reality and dynamism to the character. There may be a reason for that. Throughout the film, Affleck is seen either finishing off a wine bottle in his...

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Does it Help to Continuously Ask Whether Ben Affleck Will Return or Not?

It’s an honest question really. Most people wonder whether he will return to the character in either another Justice League film or the solo Batman films from Matt Reeves. It boggles the mind of some why Affleck would not commit to another film. For others, it makes them think he is just negotiating for a pay raise for another appearance. He has made several contradictory statements that have been confusing and not very clear. Affleck’s latest comments come from a USA Today article, where the actor was direct about his feelings on his future tenure as the character. “You...

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DC Entertainment on The Right Path

The jury is out right now on DC Films’ Justice League. Nobody knows what’s going to happen and there has been a great amount of confusion on just what to expect with regard to the film. Some reports have stated the film has been changed since the very beginning, deviating from what Zack Snyder, the film’s director, initially intended for it. However, some have said it was to take over after Snyder’s daughter passed. The confusion not only from what reports have said versus what Warner Brothers chooses to tell the public has left people with an unclear conclusion to...

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Is it Necessary to Delay Flashpoint?

The internet has been abuzz over the last few days with the news the Flashpoint film could be delayed depending on the performance of Justice League. It’s not unusual for Warner Brothers to do this given the fact they changed things major league after the performances of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. The news came from Variety Reporter Justin Kroll, who was speaking on the podcast, Meet The Movie Press. He stated the studio has slowed their search for a director for the film as well as other DC movies the studio has planned. What’s...

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