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Author: Tyler Richardson

Doug Liman Open To Returning To JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK

Splasheroonis, mmm, that was a little too close to Beefaroni (if you don’t know Chef Boyardee, you need to live) and now I’m hungry. Anyway… this started weird. Let’s do it again. Here is a little bit of Justice League Dark news. Splashooneys, not long ago director Doug Liman‘s name was attached to DC’s Justice League Dark. It was some time after the Guillermo Del Toro days of involvement, but unfortunately, last year Liman had to leave the project due to scheduling conflicts. But, recently there have been a lot of changes within the DC/Warner Bros. house. Thank goodness ScreenRant caught...

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CREED 2 Has Its Villain!

Splashers, Creed was incredible. Not a question, I just thought I’d start with a statement made from love. Now, assuming you only clicked before you’re a fan of the Rocky spin-off and can’t wait to see what news we have; you’re in luck. It was rumored a while ago that Creed 2 is cooking, and the ingredients to this stew involve Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) fighting Ivan Drago’s (Dolph Lundren is returning!) son. Well, The Tracking Report has learned Drago’s son has been cast. Say hello to the young Drago… That’s right boxing fans (I assume boxing fans...

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Splashreport’s Tyler Richardson in YOU GOOD? WITH TALIB BABB

Splashingtons, as you know I dabble in funny. Talib Babb is a New York City comedian who recently debuted his web-series You Good? with Talib Babb. Episode 2 features yours truly talking about mispronunciation. I mean, it’s annoying when people pronounce tomato “tomaaato.” I hope you enjoy the episode, new ones are released weekly. Like, subscribe, and...

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New BLACK PANTHER Featurette – Warriors of Wakanda

Splashers, Marvel has been treating January like the 12 Days of Christmas. Just yesterday they dropped a featurette for Black Panther, and now it’s today and they’re doing it again. You’d think the movie was coming out next month or something. Unlike yesterday’s teaser, this does offer up a bit of information about the characters of Wakanda that a casual fan may not know. It really feels like there’s no way this movie can fail. Wake me up when it’s February 16th. Marvel Studios’ Black Panther follows T’Challa who, after the death of his father, the King of Wakanda,...

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BLACK PANTHER Featurette “Good To Be King” Released

Splashims, Marvel’s Black Panther is set to destroy the box office. Fandango is saying people are buying up tickets like hotcakes. And, with its release just over a month away, Marvel wants to make sure we’re all planning on being in a movie theater the weekend of February 16th. This new featurette “Good To Be King” is short, and doesn’t really provide new footage or information you wouldn’t have if you saw Captain America: Civil War or the trailers for Black Panther. But, it’s Marvel, who cares?! Make Mine Marvel… Marvel Studios’ Black Panther follows T’Challa who, after the...

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