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Author: Tyler Richardson

ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL Trailer Released

Splashers, it’s always a pleasure to have your face slapped by a product you didn’t know about. Haven’t heard any buzz leading up to it, and out of nowhere; boom. That may not be the case for everyone, but you better believe I just had my eyes opened. That’s a line that will be a little funnier, and cheesier, after you’ve seen the trailer for Fox’s upcoming Alita: Battle Angel. It’s produced by James Cameron (Avatar) and Jon Landau (Dick Tracy, there were other options but I like that one). Oh, and it’s directed by Robert Rodriguez (You know...

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Splashers, Netflix spending $9 Billion on original content this year mean plenty of great announcements for programming. The newest announcement comes for Altered Carbon. Starring Joel Kinnaman (the new Robocop, Suicide Squad), many think this is Netflix’s answer to Blade Runner. They might be right, this looks just as colorful and futuristic as any sci-fi fan could hope for. And, in a world where death isn’t a big deal, the only thing to be afraid of is missing a good sale. Am I right? Altered Carbon launches Friday, February 2 on Netflix. Let’s check out the new trailer.  Consciousness can be digitized,...

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New THOROUGHBREDS Trailer Released

Splashers, you may remember a little while ago when I was pleasantly surprised by a teaser trailer for a dark comedy called Thoroughbreds. Well, the official trailer has arrived, and I’m still looking forward to this tale of “good kids” gone bad. Let’s have a look, and when you’re done go on and mark your calendars for March 9, 2018.     Focus Features will release THOROUGHBREDS in select theaters on March 9, 2018   Story: Childhood friends Lily and Amanda reconnect in suburban Connecticut after years of growing apart. Lily has turned into a polished, upper-class teenager, with a fancy...

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Finally The AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer Is Here!

Jumping Jehoshaphat! You wait (seemingly) your entire life for a trailer to come out for the movie that will likely cause you to have a geekgasm, and then one morning it’s just here. Words… no. Let’s watch, then we’ll talk more. Okay, you ready to see the Avengers: Infinity War trailer? GO! So much to take in. So much awesome. This gumbo took about a decade to get just right, but hot damn. Anyway, here’s what I felt and saw: Tony is forever sad Looks like Banner just got done being green… or grey… or red. Calm down Richardson,...

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New International Poster For Marvel’s BLACK PANTER

Splasheroonis, February 13th will be here any moment and as the Black Panther prepares to rip up box office records for February, who can be anything but appreciative. Marvel just can’t lose right now. Thor: Raganarok is a booming success (who didn’t see that coming?) The Avengers: Infinity War trailer will debut tomorrow(!), and they’ve still got this Avenger resting in between now and Infinity War. Have a look at this new international poster that was released for Black Panther: Am I the only one curious why his mask looks like that? That is the Black Panther right? Did...

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