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Author: Tyler Richardson

FOX Unveils Teaser For Marvel’s The Gifted

Brace yourselves Splashingtonians, FOX has just unveiled the teaser for Marvel’s The Gifted. We really don’t get to see much outside of a few moments of powers being displayed. But, first watch: Bryan Singer’s name does add interest if you’re one of the millions that loved his X-Men films. No, X3: The Last Stand wasn’t Singer. However, Singer did bring us the horrible X:Men: Days of Future Past. I’ll gladly debate with you in the comments, but getting back to the teaser. We’ll get the official trailer on May 15th, so it won’t kill us to wait a few...

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Jeff Goldblum, a man that has captured our attention for decades with his charm, very specific mannerisms, and good looks. We’re being treated to a healthy dose of Jeff Goldblum in the near future with Thor: Ragnarok and Jurassic World 2 on the horizon. Also, Goldblum is developing a comedy series with Danny DeVito for Amazon Studios. Woo! And, since he just began his three-week guest host tenure of Explorer, National Geographic’s long-running documentary series, Entertainment Weekly sat his down for a little Q & A. The good folks at EW prodded a bit into his upcoming projects. When...

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HELLBOY Remake In The Works With David Harbour As The Lead

Splashonians! We sit on some fantastic news. There’s a remake of the Hellboy in the works. What?! Yeah, and the lead could be David Harbour, of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Millennium is in talks with director Neil Marshall, you know The Descent and Game of Thrones. So, let’s picture that for a second. Mmm, that could be scrumptious. But, all can’t be sweet. Hellboy was created in 1993 by Mignola and became an indie comic hit as it told of a demon, raised by a professor, working to fight supernatural evildoers for an organization called Bureau for Paranormal Research and...

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Director Doug Liman Speaks On JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Development

Splashigans! The DCEU has been far from a shining star in the eyes of many audiences. But, there may still be a reason to look forward to their upcoming slate of films: Justice League Dark. Yes, the superhero team-up that Guillermo Del Toro championed for years. Filmmaker Doug Liman became attached to direct last August and while discussing his new film The Wall, dropped some insight. “Yeah. I have a really amazing take on it, that is in keeping with my approach to superheroes. Jason Bourne is a superhero, of sorts. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena, in The Wall,...

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Matthew Vaughn Has Already Begun Planning KINGSMAN 3

Splashinians! Did you love Kingsman? Why or course you do. Well, if you’re eagerly awaiting the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle, there’s good news for you. Kingsman 3 is already being worked out in the head of Matthew Vaughn. At the 20th Century Fox preview, the director said that he began planning the third film while writing The Golden Circle. He says “No one will predict where Eggsy winds up.” I’ll be honest, I find that incredibly exciting. Matthew Vaughn rarely leads us astray. I first became aware of him when Kick-Ass rocked my world. Then, X-Men: First Class...

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