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Author: Tyler Richardson

SICARIO 2 Director In Talks To Direct CALL OF DUTY

Splashers, was anyone else aware they want to make a Call of Duty movie? I guess that makes sense, it is a huge video game franchise. Based on the loyal game following, who buys the same game year after year, this may result in big bucks even if it sucks. Now the, moving on to the film building steam and looking real, Variety reports the director of the upcoming Sicario 2 is in talks to direct the movie based on Activision’s mega shooter. Stefano Sollima (Gomorra) is in the negotiations stage, according to the report, so maybe nothing will...

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Michael Fassbender To Star In KUNG FURY Feature Film

Splashews, get it like cashews but… never mind *sigh* let’s start again. Splashers, did you remember a short film by the name of Kung Fury? Oh, it’s a film romp, and as a matter of fact, I recall reviewing it. Hold on a sec, if you haven’t seen it, go ahead and catch up: Here’s a little snippet from Kung Fury‘s Wikipedia page: Critical reception Kung Fury was met with positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Tyler Richardson of [omitted because I’m with Splash Report now :)] gave the film an A, commenting that “What Black Dynamite got so perfect about Blaxploitation films, this does...

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AQUAMAN Comic Book Costume Appears In The Film

Splashoons, I love when any new DC news leaks, it’s pretty rare they give us anything truly newsworthy. I think the last time something big got leaked was when it was rumored Doomsday would be a villain in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With that said, we’ve got a hunk of costume news that should bring a smile to all 1,000 Aquaman fans. I kid, but isn’t part of the reason for getting bad-ass Jason Momoa for Aquaman because the character has been a joke for so long? According to WB Licensing attendee, the orange and green costume...

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Mary J. Blige Joins Netflix’s THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY

Splashers, I feel like it’s been too long since we’ve really sat down and listened to Mary J. Blige. Sure, we watched Waiting To Exhale recently and sang along to Not Gonna Cry. And, yeah, I was just binge watching Entourage, and love her cameo when the entire office treats her like royalty. And, yes, Mudbound was my jam too. But, what’s she been up to in the new year? Well, Netflix is overjoyed to have (can I call her the new queen of soul? screw it, I’m doing it anyway) The New Queen of Soul MARY J. BLIGE...

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Trailer For Amy Schumer’s I FEEL PRETTY Released

Splashers, I’m thrilled to announce the trailer for Amy Shumer’s new movie I Feel Pretty has just been released. You might think that was said (typed, for you grammar nazis) with some amount of cynicism but “oh, that’s where you’re wrong.” I had zero expectations when I clicked the link, but pretty quickly I was in. Take my money Ms. Schumer! Okay, now you guys can catch up:   Am I the only one ready to throw my money at this? I like everything about that trailer, and when she spun at the bar to “what’s happening?” I laughed...

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