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Author: Tyler Richardson

Gal Gadot – A True WONDER WOMAN

Splashadoos, by now you’ve heard that Gal Gadot won’t sign onto Wonder Woman‘s sequel unless Brett Ratner is removed from involvement. A Hollywood source told Page Six that Gadot — who last month backed out of a dinner honoring Ratner, where she was due to present him with an award — is taking a strong stance on sexual harassment in Hollywood and doesn’t want her hit Wonder Woman franchise to benefit a man accused of sexual misconduct. Bravo Gal Gadot! I did not see Wonder Woman, probably never will, but that woman just became a real superhero in my eyes. Ratner’s...

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Denis Villenueve Has Been In Bond Discussions

Splashonians, are you familiar with director Denis Villenueve? Well, he’s fresh off directing Blade Runner 2049 and showing no signs of rest. Right now he’s working on a script for his adaptation of the classic novel Dune. But, that’s not the only thing looking on the horizon. Cue the James Bond theme. He’s been rumored to be a top choice for director of the next James Bond installment. That may excite some, but when Villenueve spoke recently on the podcast The Playlist. Things looks okay, but the main takeaway is Dune is the priority. “The thing is I don’t...

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Ben Affleck Says JUSTICE LEAGUE Holds Surprises

Splasherians, if there’s one thing we can say about Warner Bros. it’s that the marketing strategy for Justice League is very different than when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was being promoted. Having seen the film, I think we can all agree Doomsday should not have been seen in any of the marketing. They probably should’ve saved Wonder Woman for the moviegoers as well. How much of a surprise would it have been if she showed up in gear for the final fight? We’ll never know. Thanks Warner Bros. Now, I’m not a fan of the fact that...

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Samuel L. Jackson Photographed On The Set Of GLASS

Splashfam, yeah that’s a new greeting for a Wednesday that could use some spice. Is everyone eagerly awaiting Glass? If you aren’t immediately aware of what that is, it’s the sequel to Unbreakable and Split. Unbreakable was very popular and for a long time fans of the film questioned when we might see David Dunn and Mr. Glass again. For a long time Writer/Director M. Night Shyamalan was very quiet on the potential project. Shyamalan’s career has been a roller coaster. Mostly coasting, with films like Lady in the Water and The Happening. But, there were moments he really...

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Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan depart Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe

Splashinians, am I the only person who liked The Mummy? What did people expect? It was a monster movie with a mummy as the lead monster. Not to say mummies are lame, but they’re not vampire or werewolf. And, it was better than those Brendan Fraiser vehicles that were just ghastly. Yes, even the first one. Well, apparently it’s that time where people know the ship is sinking and are getting the arm floaties on. All because The Mummy grossed $409 million worldwide on a budget of $125 million-plus (some insiders place it considerably higher). That doesn’t include marketing costs of...

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