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Author: Tyler Richardson

VENOM Teaser Drops, Does This Seal The Fate Of Comic Book Films?

Splashers, I’m afraid. I’m afraid that perhaps every person who told me “I think the comic movies are going to stop being so successful soon” was right. Now, naturally I met that statement with facts about how much Marvel films make, as well as the well plotted MCU strategy. Notice I didn’t mention DC; they would only sully the argument because most of them stink. But, lately there does seem to be a pretty steep drop in quality coming. Which takes us to Venom’s teaser trailer. I hate to come across negative two days in a row, because that...

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New DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Features Cable

Splashers, I awoke to a lovely snowy scene. Everything was right in the world; then I opened my phone. There it was, a new trailer for Deadpool 2 featuring Josh Brolin’s face. Sigh. I questioned whether or not I would view said trailer for a moment, but ultimately gave into my curiosity. You know, for all my hatred of the casting choice for Cable (and what they did to Domino, who I’d rather refer to as Zazie Beetz), I’d honestly like to be proven wrong. I’d love for Brolin to blow me away (phrasing) and have to eat crow....

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New DEADPOOL 2 Poster and Image Released

Splashoons, Deadpool 2 has been a bittersweet for me whenever its in the news. Since they announced Josh Brolin as Cable, the love just isn’t there. The best news coming out of this Disney/Fox purchase is that perhaps they’ll recast. I mean, Brolin is (will it be was after Avengers 4?) Thanos. Clearly, we have to keep Reynolds as Deadpool; this is America. But, we’re not here for me to poop on Deadpool 2 more. We’re gathered here today because a new image, and poster, have been released today. One thing I can’t complain about is the marketing for...

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RED SPARROW Super Bowl Teaser

Splashiders, we live in a time when teasers have become full-length trailers. Granted, a lot of them may tell you nothing about the plot, but they’re almost two minutes long most of the time. So, here’s what excites me about Jennifer Lawrence‘s new film Red Sparrow: they actually teased us with a mini-trailer. Directed by Francis Lawrence, and coming to IMAX, this might just be a great thriller. written by Ready? Go. That was brief wasn’t it? And, now I’m curious. Finally, someone doing something different for a second. I don’t know who to thank, but “bless you.” Anyone...

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Netflix Releases Teaser Trailer For THE WEEK OF Starring Adam Sandler And Chris Rock

Splashingtons, for all the flack some people like to give them, Adam Sandler‘s Netflix movies have been a mostly positive experience. I’ll never see The Ridiculous 6, but the others have been enjoyable. Sandy Wexler took me back to the days of The Wedding Singer, in regards to how I felt laughing during my viewing. Well, are you ready for another helping of Sandler pie? That sounded grosser than I meant it to. But, no matter, we’re here to discuss The Week Of! The Week Of will be the next Happy Madison film to debut straight to Netflix. We...

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