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Author: Tyler Richardson

KONG: SKULL ISLAND Got A Post-Credits Secret

Godzilla is the king of all monsters. Sorry, that came across like a fact rather than a popular tagline used for ol’ Godzilla throughout the years. King Kong would probably disagree with the opening statement. That is, if he could speak… and, held interviews. Well, we won’t have to wait very long to see these two co-headline Godzilla vs. Kong. That movie is scheduled for release May 29, 2020. And, we’ll get our Dawn of Justice-esque lead-in with Godzilla: King of Monsters on March 22, 2019. Salivating yet? Our own Kellvin Chavez was fortunate enough to have seen Kong: Skull Island...

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Jimmy Vee Will Be The New R2-D2 For STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI

For the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Episode VIII) there will be a new actor playing R2-D2; Jimmy Vee. Kenny Baker previously played the robot from 1977 through 2015, and was infirm during the filming last year before ultimately dying during filming. Here’s hoping that Vee is ready for a lifetime of autograph signings and undying adulation from hordes of Star Wars fans. It will be interesting to see what changes R2 has undergone during Luke’s isolation. Perhaps R2-D2 will be upgraded. With all that time alone, it’s not crazy to think Luke might have given R2 hands,...

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Team Thor Part 2: The Return of Thor and Darryl

Thor is back with more roommate hijinks. Marvel just premiered another video of the God of Thunder living in Australia with Darryl, in a sequel to last year’s viral video. Give Chris Hemsworth credit where it’s due, his comedic chops are surprisingly just as solid as his heroic prowess. “There’s a gazillion, there’s a gazillion…”  Bravo to the individual that thought audiences could use a less serious take on Odin’s son. Let’s have a look: Here is where everyone can get very excited; these roommate videos may be hinting at the tone we should expect from Thor: Ragnarok. There...

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Daniel Radcliffe on Considering a HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD Role

Daniel Radcliffe stated he would be open to “think about it” when asked about returning to the role of Harry Potter. Why would he come back to the role? Well aside from the fact that JK Rowling’s latest entry into Porter lore (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, it’s a play) is a smash hit, he probably stands to make a pretty penny. Yes, the play is outstanding, if we’re to believe the grapevine. But, Radcliffe would be taking a step back to return to the role when he’s spent years proving he’s more than Harry Potter. Here are...

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Is The New RINGS Film Any Good? Review Says Its Caca

Let’s be honest, expectations for Rings weren’t through the roof. This is a film that follows The Ring’s sequel Ring 2 by 12 years. Not only that, it doesn’t have the characters we watched deal with extraordinary VHS issues in the previous films. Why bring audience back to this series? Because something was left to wrap up with the old storyline? No, Rings is a cash grab. While the movie begins by rehashing the premise that a videotape is watched and within seven days, the viewer dies. Let’s stay away from how outdated VCRs are. Now, taking a note from It Follows, people just need to make a copy and show it to someone else. Perhaps that makes sense to many that share files, but a lot of people are old enough to remember the old rules. Did someone negotiate with the little girl for new rules? For those rooting for Johnny Galecki since the days of Rosanne, this is your lucky day. The Big Bang Theory Star plays college professor Gabriel. Aside from bias, there’s nothing that stands out about Galecki’s performance. Not that we expected award-worthy showmanship, but we were given a pretty bare meal. Really makes someone wonder what artistic movie Galecki is signed up for that made him take this payday. But, it’s Gabriel who brings the beloved VHS back into the picture. And, after...

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