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THE BATMAN: The Script That Gotham Needs, But Is It The One It Deserves?

THE BATMAN: The Script That Gotham Needs, But Is It The One It Deserves?

You know, it’s tough being in this business. I don’t claim to be a journalist of any sort, but I do report through these articles about breaking news. As well as working a full time job to sustain my home and family, I frantically try to find the right words to describe to you what is happening over at DC Comics. Then the news changes as fast as I’m writing.

For instance, yesterday I reported that Matt Reeves is front runner to direct the solo Batman movie. This would also include him doing a full script re-write. But now, that may not be the case.

A source from Variety had stated to that a script for The Batman was actually turned in to Warner Bros. this month, possibly the Chris Terrio re-write. It has also been said that President and Chief Content Officer Toby Emmerich, as well as Ben Affleck himself, are “very happy” with it.

All of the details are yet to be revealed. There is still no release date and it is highly unlikely that the summer shooting schedule will be met. But if Batfleck is happy, we should all be happy. He has stated many times in interviews over the past few months that when the script is right, they will move forward.

Stay tuned……

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