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Ben Affleck Says JUSTICE LEAGUE Holds Surprises

Ben Affleck Says JUSTICE LEAGUE Holds Surprises

Splasherians, if there’s one thing we can say about Warner Bros. it’s that the marketing strategy for Justice League is very different than when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was being promoted. Having seen the film, I think we can all agree Doomsday should not have been seen in any of the marketing. They probably should’ve saved Wonder Woman for the moviegoers as well. How much of a surprise would it have been if she showed up in gear for the final fight? We’ll never know. Thanks Warner Bros.

Now, I’m not a fan of the fact that they’re trying to hide Superman from all of the marketing. Snyder already ruined it with the dirt rising in the last seconds of BvS. We know (well, some of us) how The Death of Superman plays out. And, even people who don’t know that Superman is alive. “Superman can’t die” is what most people would say if you began talking to them about his death. We know he’s coming back and I’m scared we’re going to have to wait until minute 80 of 121 to see Supes back in action. This injustice will not stand!

Justice League is close, and Ben Affleck aka Batman Now has a message for us:

“Well, I think any time you’re making a movie, you’re telling a story, you don’t want to give it away. These movies, people pay a lot of attention to them, so they have to work a little bit harder to keep it secret. There’s some cool reveals and fun twists and, so far, we’ve managed to keep them secret.”

Here’s my wishlist:

  • Superman (insert angry face emoji)
  • A Green Lantern, maybe two
  • Blue Beetle or Guy Gardner cameo
  • Something tying Suicide Squad to the DCEU
  • Samuel L. Jackson… what? I love the man’s work

What twists and surprises are you looking forward to?

Source: ETalk

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