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Bill Condon In Talks To Direct THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN

Bill Condon In Talks To Direct THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN

Deadline has reported that Bill Condon (who directed the live-action Beauty and the Beast) is in early talks to direct The Bride of Frankenstein. His latest Disney project just crossed the $1 Billion mark, so it’s understandable that everyone is beating on his door right now. As one of the two people in the world that has no interest in seeing Beauty and the Beast, I am curious if he’s capable of making a monster movie. And, let’s not forget that this Frankenstein movie would be a part of Universal Pictures’ newly rekindled monster universe.

Let’s get past my Beauty and the Beast stuff for a second. Condon directed Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2. Now, I realize most of you have given him some kind of a pass for this, but shame on you. Those movies (while based on books) were terrible. And, what little I have seen of Beauty and the Beast didn’t look scary at all. The Beast should’ve appeared horribly frightening. That Beast looked like he could break into song at any moment. It’s not wonder he got Belle’s affection, you can practically see his jawline through the hair.

The Bride of Frankenstein should be frightening. Frankenstein should be frightening. You know who could really knock it out of the park? Fede Alvarez, yeah, the one who made a blind man frightening in Don’t Breathe. But, Hopefully this new film The Mummy (Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe, wtf?!) sets a great tone for the new Universal Monsterverse. And, if Condon does sign on to direct The Bride, maybe it’ll be great. I mean, he did get an Oscar nomination for writing Chicago, and that’s a great movie. Stay tuned!

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