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Cigar And A Smile: Josh Brolin May Be Our Dystopian Future Poster Boy

Cigar And A Smile: Josh Brolin May Be Our Dystopian Future Poster Boy

In 2016 20th century Fox found the perfect formula for a comic book character making his second appearance after a mercifully forgetful introduction. Deadpool came to screens around the world with much anticipation and fandom trailing behind Ryan Reynolds sarcastic merc with a mouth personality. I mean his role as the Marvel anti-hero, though I am beginning to think he is the real life incarnation of Wade Wilson.

Fox had discovered that making a rated-R movie for a character who murders and maims with smiles and jokes was the right way to stay true to who Deadpool is in every issue he has ever graced. Needless to say the movie that made $132 million in its first weekend was going to be given a second chance to bring in the dough. As many of you remember, the teaser left behind from the film told us that Cable would be a major role in the next movie which immediately sparked imagination in every mind about who would play the rugged futuristic hero.

Time travel to the present and the list of the potential actors to play the role has grown to a length that is daunting to even mention, but some names have popped out like 3D monsters. Some of the Cable hopefuls were Brad Pitt, a well known face on the big screen who played a rugged killer with insight and direction in Killing Them Softly, a role that could have translated to Cable. Then there was Ron Perlman, the voice of many DC villains such as Slade and Clayface, but recognized more for his role as the adopted demon Hellboy who seems like a funnier and redder version of the unborn Summers son.

In truth, those two were probably long shots of getting the role but Stephen Lang, the hated Colonel from James Cameron’s Avatar, is a true consideration of the fans. He was even quoted as saying, “I think the fans are right! I am the absolute best choice to play Cable. He’s rough. He’s gruff. He’s old. I’m old.” Yes, there was a joke there but Stephen Lang was very sincere about playing the role even with Avatar 2 in the works. Even more convincing for his Cable Campaign is his role as the Blind Man in Don’t Breathe, the movie where he plays a disabled military vet who still knows how to use a gun and hold down the fort.

I will admit, this character reminded me of an aged and still dangerous Cable; one still alert and ready for combat, effects of trauma from his dystopian future. There was a push by the fans that liked the idea of Lang in the role but the studio went in a direction some if not most didn’t expect, Josh Brolin; though he has been in many films of reputability, to name a few Sicario, No Country for Old Men, Old Boy, and currently the voice of the much anticipated Thanos.

Well, there I go stating the dilemma without proper introduction. Dilemma, meet the good fans of Cable and Marvel who may or may not see you. Some have already argued that him playing two roles in the MCU raises some contradiction issues since, well, seeing the same person play more than one comic character could cause a rupture in the way so movie watchers will see the MCU.

Ryan Pool, I mean Dead Reynolds, I mean the guy who plays Deadpool, took to Twitter with his response, “The f***, Fox! You can’t play 2 characters in the same universe!! Josh Brolin was in Sicario and I was in Sabrina The Teenage Witch.” but there is a strong reason this could work.

Josh Brolin is only the voice of Thanos, and though we can argue that his voice is unique enough to be distinctive in any role, voice over or physical, we really have little to work with in memory of how Thanos sounded. All of his appearances have been at the end as little after credit teasers so there was never a real imprint left in our auditory memories. Josh Brolin brings something to Cable that often was lost in the comics, a more multi-leveled anti- hero.

Fox rolled the dice on someone who is not weighed down by type casting who can bring to life for the first time a character with a clean board. I agree with this move and say to Fox keep the good decisions coming; now if you would stop making X-Men movies I’d give you a gold star.

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