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Could Joss Whedon Cast An Unknown Actress as BATGIRL?

Could Joss Whedon Cast An Unknown Actress as BATGIRL?

Variety was able to catch up with Joss Whedon at the premiere for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And, sure enough, they asked him about his upcoming movie Batgirl. Seems a bit early to be asking about who should play her. A better question: what story do you have in mind? (See featured image for an idea, but not like that horrible Killing Joke animated movie) But, since we are discussing actresses, here’s what Whedon had to say to answer that question.

You know… an unknown would probably be best for a role like this. Besides, I think it would be fun to find someone with a background in martial arts that they train a little in the acting department. One thing that Batman v Superman got right was the look of the Dark Knight clearing a room of bad guys. That was the first time Batman didn’t move like a stiff wooden man in a rubber suit. And, Batgirl could really benefit from the same type of action. Except, where Batfleck has brute strength, Batgirl will move a little more like the Black Widow.

If there were any actresses that should be on a list for Batgirl, I’ll throw out a couple of names for fun. First, Alicia Silverstone:

Yeah, I know she’s 40. I just hate what happened in Batman & Robin so much I think she deserves another chance. Sigh, damn you Joel Schumacher.

Next up: Amanda Bynes:

I know a comeback getting ready when I smell one. Let’s go Amanda!

Still here? How about Draya Michele:

I was going to write something witty here, but I have to finish my love letter to Draya first.

One more, and this is for all the marbles… Chloe Grace Moretz

This one is real. Remember how awesome she was as Hit Girl? Me too.

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