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D23 2017: THE LION KING Footage Was Incredible!

D23 2017: THE LION KING Footage Was Incredible!

I’m a fan boy so that means I love my Star Wars and my Marvel. But I also love something else very much and that’s the king himself……The Lion King.

D23 Expo 2017 didn’t disappoint with the announcement that Hugh Jackman will be voicing “Scar” and director Jon Favreau brought what I am assuming is the opening scene of the movie which is very similar and maybe even beat for beat the same as the animated opening.

So imagine flocks of rhinos , elephants , and other African animals going about their business grazing and doing what other animals do when they get the call to Pride Rock for the anointing ceremony.The Circle of Life is blasting through the hall and here comes Rafiki (that’s right a CGI Rafiki!!!) to gather baby Simba from his mother but not before anointing his forehead with some red paint and we get a little sneeze from Simba. Then as famously portrayed in the movie and on posters worldwide, Rafiki takes to the tip of the rock and holds Simba up high for the Pride Lands to see.

The footage was incredible. Much like the Jungle Book you wouldn’t be able to tell these were not real animals. The hair on Simba, the paint on Rafiki, every detail popped and I am pumped for this movie.

If Jon Favreau is reading this I have one question for him….. will be get to see more of Rafiki kung fu kicking hyena ass in the live action movie?

Time will tell.

The Lion King is set to hit theaters on July 19, 2019.

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