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Damage Control Confirmed For SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

Damage Control Confirmed For SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

Well, if you read our story yesterday about the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, you’re aware that Vulture’s been cleaning up after the messes caused in New York City. Such as when aliens attacked, and the Avengers had to bust some heads. Naturally, that left a pretty big chunk of everything to clean. You know who else cleans up after messes like that in the Marvel Universe? Damage Control. And, thanks to an interview with Fandango, we have confirmation from Homecoming’s director Jon Watts that Damage Control will debut onscreen.

Aside from confirming Damage Control’s introduction to the MCU, Watts spoke of Easter Eggs that audiences can expect. No, he didn’t give details because then Marvel would detonate the bomb placed in his loafers. But, Watts did say that there’s a deep-cut Easter Egg in the new trailer. He’s almost challenging us to find it. Do you see it? Watch as many times as you need to and let us know what we’re missing. Please!

So, hopefully Tony asking for Peter’s new suit back doesn’t mean we’ll be forced to watch Spidey without his tech for most of the film. Let’s pray that it’s just a portion of Act 2, then Tony returns to give him the new duds. Because, without his suit, things will feel very Act 3 of Iron Man 1. Is everyone so excited for July 7th that they’ve completely forgotten about July 4th? I mean, I love hot dogs and barbecues but I love Spider-Man a little more.

Okay, we’ll keep you up to date with Homecoming news as it arrives. Seriously, tell us what the Easter Egg is.

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