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DC Films Rumor: Robert Zemeckis Might Take THE FLASH To The Future

DC Films Rumor: Robert Zemeckis Might Take THE FLASH To The Future

DC has quite the line up of upcoming movies after their jump from Batman laying the smack down on Superman to them teaming up with the other DC greats to form the budding beginnings of the Justice League, not to mention that Wonder Woman is already on its way to theaters all over.

There are quite a few characters that will take the screen together when the super team comes to the big screen and some of them have yet to have solo movies to push their appeal. One of those characters is The Flash, a fan favorite and the focus of the Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, which really pushed the Flash character to new levels of fan appreciation.

Unlike the rest of the upcoming movies, Flash has finally been the topic of some positive rumors that DC has possibly found a director that may be the darling of the DCEU, Robert Zemeckis the director of a classic, Back to the Future. As we all know, Back to the Future was all about time travel, a topic that can easily be a disaster of a plot when the person with the vision is having trouble piecing different time lines together in a consistent way.

Though it has only been confirmed that DC is speaking to other directors as well, knowing he is on their list of possible captains of the ship says to fans they are heading in the right direction.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: ScreenJunkies News

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