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Editorial: The Tortoise And The Hare (DC vs Marvel)

Editorial: The Tortoise And The Hare (DC vs Marvel)

Why Ben, why? With the state the the DCEU is in right now, it’s hard to be a die-hard fan. These fans (such as myself) are due some good news, right?

Not just because of the solo Batman movie (I’ll get to that) but the whole DC film slate is a bit of a joke right now. Looking enviously over at their Marvel neighbours, they are rushing in to this cinematic universe without really thinking. There’s been news that Jason Momoa was cast 5 years ago, but this could be a ruse to trick fans into thinking they’re taking their time.

So, they kind of got Man Of Steel right. It had its faults, but is an otherwise decent start to the DCEU. But then we had to wait 3 years for a follow up, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and we all know how that went. Some would argue that it was only made due to the fact that Marvel were making their own hero v hero movie in Captain America: Civil War. But, I digress. As much as I, personally, enjoyed BvS, there was a lot wrong with it.

Then some good news, Suicide Squad!! I can’t believe that they DC are making a movie dedicated to the villains. This has never been done before. It will be a landmark in the superhero genre. Oh, wait, it was disappointing. Again, I enjoyed this movie too, but there is still a lot wrong with it.

Not boding too well for DC right now. With early critic reviews of Wonder Woman being underwhelming, it isn’t too promising. The trailers look awesome though, so it’s still something to look forward to and hope the critics were wrong. Hopefully, she can restore some faith and make us fans believe in DC again.

That will be some task, though, what with all the director’s dropping out. 2 have already left the solo Flash movie and that’s due out in just over a year (don’t hold your breath on that one). Add that to the news that Ben Affleck has decided NOT to direct the solo Batman movie, it is now panic stations over at Warner Bros. Ben has stated that this decision is purely to focus on the acting side, but it is still worrisome nonetheless.

On a brighter note, though, the Aquaman solo movie seems to be coming together. With a great director in James Wan, an imposing lead man in Jason Momoa and a stellar supporting cast that keeps growing, I never thought that this would be my most anticipated DC movie.

Let’s just hope that they pull their fingers out, get the movies right and please the fans. Even a decent Green Lantern film at this stage could help them to catch up to Marvel. Then, we just need Ben Affleck back in the director’s chair to really get this universe going.

Stay tuned……

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