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DCEU Creating A New Image With Toby Emmerich At The Helm

DCEU Creating A New Image With Toby Emmerich At The Helm

Wonder Woman has been the savior of the DCEU since its release just a couple of weeks ago. The reviews from the dreaded Rotten Tomatoes site and the not so dreaded fans has all been favorable, with some even seeing it as the bench mark of female led and female directed movies both in the Superhero cinematic world and every other genre. It goes without saying, it would be wise of the DCEU to stand pat behind the heroine and what seems to be creating a new path in their film catalogue.

It has been shared that two new films are already in the works and both will again be female focused, Gotham City Sirens, which will look at the other characters of the Dark Knights domain and Joss Whedon’s Batgirl, not to mention that Patty Jenkins is already working with Geoff Johns on the Wonder Woman sequel….hint….it could be set here in the United States instead of Europe, but is still in the past.

This momentary change of face will not mean change of direction. The new production chief of Warner Bros., Toby Emmerich, may not be a comic book fan, and has no idea what The Martian Manhunter’s human name is, but he has a vision for how he sees DC movies developing.

He wants to separate the DCEU from the Marvel Studios productions, going for a continuance of the dark Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice feel and upping the violence. He sees something to aspire to in the Logan and Deadpool movies, 20th Century Fox produced films which boasted the firsts of Rated- R comic book films, and were huge successes.

Fans of the DC universe should be excited at the possibilities of the movies soon to come if they just look back at all the darker characters in the DCEU, from Solomon Grundy to Etrigan the Demon. The idea of seeing these two alone as solo projects makes my inner comic book nerd tingle. There is no denying that the comic book universe should set aside more adult themed characters to produce movies from as it would bolster an already slow building base and keep the age drop off as younger movie goers get older.

I’d say DC is well on its way to taking a big step forward in what almost became a forgotten race.

Source: Variety

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