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DEADPOOL Creator Tells MFR That Carnahan For X-FORCE Is A ‘Championship Move’

DEADPOOL Creator Tells MFR That Carnahan For X-FORCE Is A ‘Championship Move’

Liefeld Gives Carnahan A Championship Endorsement For X-FORCE

Sometimes in Hollywood, they just get it right. When it comes to hiring Joe Carnahan to write X-Force with Ryan Reynolds, that’s exactly it. It’s just…right.

The Smokin’ Aces director, who’s also given us The Grey, The A-Team, and Narc, is someone who’s made a name for himself with brash, action-packed films that still manage to be driven by kinetic characters and not purely by bombastic set pieces. I’ve always thought of him as the lovechild of Quentin Tarantino and Michael Mann, and he won me over with the sizzle reel he put together when trying to pitch his own take on Daredevil to Fox, back when they still had the rights to the character. Carnahan plus X-Force could be gold, folks. Take a look at that aforementioned reel below:

I was so psyched by the news of Carnahan being enlisted to write X-Force that I reached out to Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld on twitter to see what he thought. Liefeld is a wonderfully approachable figure, and he shares his opinions quite candidly on his feed (if you’re not following him, you should). Within moments, he responded with this:

Talk about a ringing endorsement!

With recent successes like Deadpool and the upcoming Logan (check out my review right here!), Fox seems to have a firm grip on their X-Men Cinematic Universe (XCU). Hiring a guy like Joe Carnahan to write X-Force is another step in the right direction for them.

And while the debate rages on about who should play Cable in the XCU, which would mean they’d appear in Deadpool 2 and in X-Force, maybe Carnahan can get his A-Team and The Grey star Liam Neeson for the role? Don’t lie and say that wouldn’t be bad ass. What would you think of that? Sound off below!

Last thing I’ll add? Hopefully this is only the first step and Carnahan also ends up in the director’s chair for X-Force!

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