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EDITORIAL: Discovery Will Boldly Go to New Places for Star Trek

EDITORIAL: Discovery Will Boldly Go to New Places for Star Trek

There’s no question that Star Trek has made a heck of a comeback on the big screen, and now the sci-fi franchise looks to return to television this fall. This will mark the first Star Trek TV series since the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise in 2005. We just got our first look at the trailer for Star Trek: Discovery, and there’s a lot to unpack for fans eager to return to the final frontier.

People were starting to get worried about Discovery after the show was pushed back from January to later this year. On top of it, showrunner Bryan Fuller (of Hannibal and American Gods) had to leave due to work conflicts. Despite all this, the first trailer definitely bodes well for Trekkies thanks to the impressive special effects, an exciting cast, and plenty of old-school references.

The first season of the new show will have 15 episodes. It will take place ten years before the events of the original William Shatner-led series, and will operate on a different timeline from the new movies. Star Trek: Discovery will star Michelle Yeoh (of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame) as the captain of the Shenzhou. Sonequa Martin-Green from The Walking Dead will play a human that was raised by Vulcans who serves as the first officer of the Discovery. In addition to the Vulcans, the show will bring back the Klingons as the primary antagonists (at least in the beginning), and will also introduce some exciting new alien races we’ve never seen before. At first glance, it seems that Discovery caters to much of what fans loved about the original series while also updating it for a new audience.

Star Trek has made a crazy comeback in the few years since J.J. Abrams successfully rebooted the franchise in 2009. The latest movies helped to grow a whole new generation of Trekkies, and the resurgence has been felt in more places than just the big screen. As the movies have helped Star Trek fandom to become the biggest it has been in 20 years, we’ve also seen a number of new video games taking advantage of the newfound popularity.

These have ranged from big-budget virtual reality titles to fresh takes on casual casino games. Star Trek is one of many franchises that has been licensed for casual slot reels where characters from pop culture make frequent appearances to provide players with familiar favorites while they play. The game includes beloved Star Trek characters, iconic symbols like the Starfleet insignia and, of course, the Starship Enterprise. This obviously barely scratches the surface of what’s capable for Star Trek in the digital realm, and one game is taking it to the next level.

Red Storm Entertainment, better known for their Tom Clancy games, will release Star Trek: Bridge Crew later this month. It’s the first Star Trek game to make use of virtual reality, and puts fans directly into the captain’s chair as they traverse the galaxy. The game gives players a more hands-on starship experience than ever before, and even allows for voice commands thanks to IBM’s Watson software. The early buzz has people calling it one of the best VR games yet, and it could be just the thing to get people even more excited in the lead-up to Discovery. Star Trek: Bridge Crew will come out May 30, 2017.

There’s no firm release date yet for Star Trek: Discovery, but the show is expected to be released later this fall on CBS with a two-part premiere.

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