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Disney To Pull Movies From Netflix And Start Disney Streaming Service

Disney To Pull Movies From Netflix And Start Disney Streaming Service

Splashers, do we remember what it was like when Starz pulled its movie library from Netflix? They were responsible for most of the newer Netflix titles at the time, and it was like having the rug pulled out from underneath your feet. But, Netflix dusted itself off and began gaining the rights for several newer films and expanding its original content. Well, another test of the streaming giant’s staying power is upon us.

Yesterday, Disney said it will be pulling its movies from Netflix and will launch a Disney streaming service of its own in 2019. It also said it will launch an ESPN streaming service early next year. The Hollywood Reporter states that to help do all that, Disney will acquire a majority of BAMTech, the streaming technology company owned by MLBAM, the internet company owned by Major League Baseball. Disney already owned a stake in BAMTech but will pay $1.58 billion for an additional 42 percent.

There aren’t a lot of details pertaining to the Disney streaming service at the moment. CEO Bob Iger saying that if a movie is Pixar- or Disney-branded, it will probably appear exclusively on the new service — including shows and movies made specifically for the service — but the jury is still out on Marvel and Star Wars films. Please, don’t take the Marvel films from Netflix. Someone cast a spell or something to keep them there. I enjoy playing Civil War while I sleep, and you want me to sleep don’t you?

Deciphering Iger’s vague comments Tuesday, it could mean that the upcoming Frozen2 would be available for streaming exclusively on Disney’s new service while Star Wars: Episode IX presumably would not, though they are both set for release in 2019. Star Wars and Marvel movies in the future could be on the Disney service exclusively, could not be there at all or could be there as well as on other services. Those decisions are yet to be made, but the decision to not renew with Netflix is a done deal.

Some of you may be excited about a Disney streaming service. Some of you may be excited for the ESPN streaming service (wuh?). But, still we can mourn the passing of a beautiful union. I just watch Moana for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Well, it’s time to watch every Disney film and 30 for 30 documentary before the house of mouse rips them from our televisions. Well, until 2019 that is.

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