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Diving Into Stephen King’s IT In Second Film

Diving Into Stephen King’s IT In Second Film

In just two days we will be reintroduced to Pennywise, the demon from Stephen Kings IT thriller series. Much fanfare has been made about the new spin on the demonic clown Tim Curry made famous and now comes to theaters this Friday.

We have been teased with trickles of pictures showing us the wicked clown and it is had done much in getting fans ready for the film but there is now an added level of excitement to look forward to. In an interview with metro, the new face of the demon clown, Bill Skarsgard, dropped a small clue about the second movie that will be in the works shortly.

It was already big news that the studio was looking to make a second film when the first one hadn’t even hit the box office yet, but Skarsgard makes things even juicer, saying;

“I am attached to it but that’s all I can say, we’re in the early stages and I’m talking to Andy about it and figuring out what It will be. It’s a different story but I’m excited to delve in deeper to the character as there’s more exploration for who Pennywise is.”

He was careful to not give too much away but he gave enough to get fans excited. We are first introduced to Pennywise as the creepy clown of nightmares and then otherworldly origins, but there was never a full delve into the character. There is a brief history shared in the original 1990’s series but it looks like we will finally get to see what is really under that abandoned circus face paint.

Stephen Kings IT hits theaters Sept 8, 2017.

Source: MetroUK

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