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Drop that Red Pill, We’re Going Back Into THE MATRIX!

Drop that Red Pill, We’re Going Back Into THE MATRIX!

Well, now comes the time for a big “I told you so.” Two years ago, our editor Kellvin Chavez broke the story (via iGN since the original site took down all his hard work) that The Matrix would be remade. And, today The Hollywood Reporter claims Zak Penn is in talks to write a treatment.

And, a little birdie says there’s interest in Michael B. Jordan starring in said remake. The Matrix didn’t change the world, but are we this vacant of fresh ideas that we’re digging up a 1999 classic? Is there no black and white film that could potentially make Warner Bros. money?

The studio wants the Wachowski siblings (are we not calling them sisters?) to bless the project, at a minimum. Let us hope they decide not to. Someone must stop the suits and say “let’s be reasonable.” Somewhere there is a writer with an excellent script, and because of the thought of guaranteed money, that script won’t be made yet.

Plus, what does Warner Bros. intend on doing? People hated the second and third Matrices (yeah, I know plurals and stuff) and how the whole thing tied back to the story of Christ/Horus/Mithras/etc. So, we can only assume they want to begin to retell the first movie, and then go in a totally different direction and pick up the extra dollars the first trilogy may have left on the floor.

At any case, let’s just hope Keanu Reeves is available to play Morpheus. I assume he’s the only one can fill those shoes. More news as it comes, and remember, Kellvin called this two years ago. Go ahead and like Splash Report’s social media pages to stay in the know.

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