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EL FANBOY: “DC and Fox’s Risks Are Way More Satisfying Than Marvel’s Safety Webbing”

EL FANBOY: “DC and Fox’s Risks Are Way More Satisfying Than Marvel’s Safety Webbing”

In a cinematic landscape that’s way over-populated with superhero fair, El Fanboy Podcast host Mario-Francisco Robles finds it interesting that we’ve gotten two classics this year…and that both came from wildly inconsistent franchises: The DC Extended Universe and Fox’s X-Men Universe. In this week’s show, MFR discusses the way huge gambles can pay off in a major way- something he thinks the folks at Marvel Studios could stand to learn.

In 2017, Fox’s X-Men Universe gave us Logan and the WB’s DCEU gave us Wonder Woman; Two of the better films to ever come out of Hollywood’s attempts to bring beloved comic book characters to the big screen. MFR takes the time here to point out what it is that makes those films so much more satisfying than the safe products churned out by Kevin Feige’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Along the way, he touches on all the week’s hottest fanboy news, including:

  • Box Office and The Growing Power of Reviews/Word of Mouth as evidenced by Transformers: The Last Knight and the DC success story that is Wonder Woman
  • Matt Reeves confirmed Ben Affleck in The Batman in the most non-committal way possible
  • The continued bochinche coming out of the Justice League reshoots
  • The Sony Spider-Man / Venom Marvel Comics Universe Fiasco
  • The WB/DC Red Son pitches
  • The need for an actual Superman movie
  • The Conjuring 3 announced, but without James Wan?!?
  • Just how much Spidey are we going to get in Avengers: Infinity War?
  • And more.

You can listen to the episode, “DC and Fox’s Risks Are Way More Satisfying Than Marvel’s Safety Webbing” right here:

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