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EL FANBOY: “DUNKIRK A Nothing Burger? INHUMANS To Be Marvel’s First EPIC Fail? More!”

EL FANBOY: “DUNKIRK A Nothing Burger? INHUMANS To Be Marvel’s First EPIC Fail? More!”

The summer season comes to a rather uneventful cinematic end for El Fanboy Podcast host Mario-Francisco Robles, who caps off what’s been an excellent season of filmgoing events with Christopher Nolan’s DUNKIRK.

With DUNKIRK, he fears Nolan has continued a downward trend in his filmmaking powers that began with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and continued through INTERSTELLAR.

MFR explores the arc of Nolan’s career for a bit before launching into the week’s hottest film stories, including:

– Marvel’s INHUMANS Will Be The MCU’s First Loud Disaster

– LISTENER QUESTION: “What’s The Hold-Up With Patty Jenkins Officially Signing On To Direct WONDER WOMAN 2?”

– Box Office Analysis

– Jeremy Renner Acknowledges One of Marvel’s Biggest Issues While Discussing Bringing HAWKEYE To Netflix

– Hollywood Continues To Surprise Us All With A Very Outside-The-Box 2017 Thanks To Darren Aronofsky’s MOTHER! and Tomas Alfredson’s THE SNOWMAN

– More!

MFR also hits you up with the most important referral he’s ever made, starring an artist that’s had a grip on him for 23 years and who continues to astonish.

You can hear the episode, titled “Is DUNKIRK A Nothing Burger? INHUMANS To Be Marvel’s First Epic Fail? More!” below. But it’s also available on iTunes, Stitcher, and where ever great podcasts are found!

Have you had a chance to see DUNKIRK yet? What do you think? Is Nolan losing his magic touch?

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