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Exclusive Hot Rumor: ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Remake Details

Exclusive Hot Rumor: ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Remake Details

It was recently announced that Robert Rodriguez will be directing the reboot of Escape From New York for 20th Century Fox. Apparently, he did such a great job helming Alita: Battle Angel that they offered him this project as his next gig. Neil Cross (the creator of Luther) wrote the screenplay.

I received a hot tip from one of my sources concerning the Escape From New York project:

“Here are some details about the story: In the not so distant future, the world is in serious trouble. Climate change has pushed migrants all across the world. Rioting and wars are rocking the world. Except for most of the United-States, while a glass perimeter protects Manhattan. Drones surveilled everything, and there are checkpoints everywhere before coming into the city. It is the most secured island in the world. An AI named April controls the safety of the city.

Billionaire Thomas Newton (think Elon Musk on steroids) has given his entire fortune to help the migrants across the world. But it hasn’t changed anything. So, he plots to kidnap a Russian hacker. With his help, he hacks April and gains control of the island of Manhattan. He closes every exit and uses forces the drones and his militia to kill all the cops. His demands are clear: the United-States pull out of every wars and freedom for all migrants in the entire planet. If it doesn’t happen, he will detonate a nuclear device in Central Park. The bomb is digitally tied to monitor Newton’s heart, so if he gets kills it will blow up.

There’s only one guy who can stop this mayhem… Snake Plissken.

The plot resembles a lot to Bane’s “masterplan” in The Dark Knight Rises. We even have bankers being crucified in the financial district. Newton’s motivations are also very revolutionary, giving back power to the people.

(Scoop sent in by Colonel George Dillon)

It sounds like a fun reimagining of the original film. Could be the start of an interesting franchise.

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