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Evangelina Lilly Gives Fans A Peek At the Wasp Costume

Evangelina Lilly Gives Fans A Peek At the Wasp Costume

Ant-Man was enough of a success to release another movie. As we saw in the end of the film, there will be another bug inspired hero alongside him, The Wasp. There hasn’t been much on what movie- goers will get to see of The Wasp on the big screen in Ant-Man and the Wasp but recently we got a glimpse of Evangelina Lilly who is playing the heroine. She is wearing the suit but, of course the first question is where are the wings?!

Well fret not comic fans this is only the partial suit as we know the Wasp would not be the Wasp without the wings. It is not the yellow and black we have come to associate with the female buzzer but it is a start. For those of us who were not big fans of the original Ant-Man suit of the comic book seeing what the film version looked like was refreshing and less comical, though he still had the antennae helmet.

This isn’t the only picture of the Wasp we will see as the movie will be released in early July 2018. So far, I think we all can agree Evangelina Lilly is making being a bug girl look good.

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